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Conversation Between serenade_beta and dniv
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  1. dniv
    2016-01-29 03:23
    Yeah, it definitely looks really nice. I'm so jealous lol.
  2. serenade_beta
    2016-01-28 23:37
    Yeah, it's great. My current avatar takes the animation from the OP, where all of the girls appear. That said, there are so many frames I couldn't create an avatar myself (I'm a beginner at that type of stuff). I was surprised when someone accepted my request and did such a good job.
  3. dniv
    2016-01-28 19:49
    I also like how your current avatar has images like the ones from during the tuning... because the tuning sequences have super sick animation.
  4. dniv
    2016-01-25 20:05
    Yeah, I totally understand how you feel. This game really deserves more attention.

    Well, maybe word of mouth can help it gain some more popularity in the future. I just hate though how everyone keeps on overlooking the game so easily. :__:

    We really need to... advertise... mor...
  5. serenade_beta
    2016-01-24 19:30
    It's a shame. Not only is the audience for anime-type(?) games is limited already, but this is technically a new IP (though pretty much Luminous Arc 4), there is a lack of advertising (US advertised more than Japan at least), and Imageepoch is dead.

    That said, I feel word of mouth has helped it grow some since it was released.
    Must... advertise... mor...
  6. dniv
    2016-01-23 18:28
    I like you avatar... thank you for having good taste. I loved that game so, so much. Why don't people talk about it damn it. But... I liked Sakuya more than Lisette lol. Though I suppose not by much.

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