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Conversation Between EroKing and Kanon
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  1. Kanon
    2020-07-08 07:07
    Haha, I was just thinking about her during the discussion about Nana Mizuki in the other thread. I hope she'll be happy.
  2. EroKing
  3. EroKing
    2020-05-31 09:20
    Just slowly running out of savings, should be good for a few more months. I'm fine otherwise lolz.
  4. Kanon
    2020-05-31 08:10
    The situation in India seems pretty bad. I hope you're staying safe.
  5. Kanon
    2020-05-12 06:43
    I'll drink milk instead
  6. EroKing
    2020-05-12 05:01
  7. Kanon
    2020-05-11 16:15
    Huh, what? I hate cheese by the way.
  8. EroKing
    2020-05-11 14:57
    So I hear it is now your patriotic duty to eat cheese
  9. Kanon
    2020-05-07 16:16
    Good to know you're doing a bit better, but sad about the rest.
  10. EroKing
    2020-05-07 13:34
    Physically maybe somewhat better. The recent injury might have started to heal for real. Mentally, quite bored, even though I wasn't interested in going out much lol

    The lockdown in my city will keep getting extended over and over again, Mumbai has been the worst affected in India so far. The virus now has spread to my neighbourhood and given the slowass testing even still, there is a big tragedy waiting to happen. This is while we are not even close to peak numbers yet, then there's a high possibility of future waves of the virus to hit. I don't think our government has thought of the worst case scenario yet or rather just incapable of imagining it.

    Anyways... hope you are doing fine over there. Wish you would hop on to discord already

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