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Conversation Between BellaD and Tommy
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  1. BellaD
    2013-10-18 13:45
    As long as you don't force them to watch it with you I do not see why it would bother them! But this is coming from an anime fan so it makes sense why I don't understand them lol... Things are good in the big apple and I agree with your girlfriend, you should move, it's more exciting here, NY is expensive so settle for Connecticut maybe? Its close but much cheaper and you will have a happy girlfriend on your hands

    PS. I only said I feel kind of old so you can shower me with compliments of how young I look, damn you! :P LOL
  2. BellaD
    2013-10-11 13:31
    Wow Tommy, you're still active here .. Apparently it's been 10 years since I've joined.. makes me feel kind of old lol
  3. Tommy
    2009-09-22 19:58
    Well as long as One Piece is still being published, I'll probably still be on here.
  4. BellaD
    2009-09-22 09:53
    Wow still active here huh? I rarely visit this forum now.. :S
  5. BellaD
    2009-05-03 16:18
    I wanna go to Maui.....make sure you take a lot of pictures and post them....
  6. Tommy
    2009-04-28 23:48
    Guess what? I bought a ticket to Maui today for 350. Gonna end up going there one week before Europe. Man May and June are gonna be awesome!
  7. BellaD
    2009-04-25 08:12
    427? I went to Germany in February and my ticket was 500 dollars. Its even lower This year I am going again for Oktoberfest, they say it's crazy. You should save some money for that Tommy, its one amazing party, not to miss.
  8. Tommy
    2009-04-24 15:10
    I'm super stoked about the whole trip, I still can't believe it was only 427 bucks for the ticket. I definitely plan on bouncing around a bunch while I'm there, my return flight is out of Frankfurt. And I definitely don't mind you cluttering up my page.
  9. BellaD
    2009-04-24 09:25
    OMG, really? London has the greatest night life I've heard. You are gonna love it. Take the tunnel go to France for a bit too.
    Lol, I just realized that your visitors page is full of my replies and comments ..Sorry
  10. Tommy
    2009-04-23 23:00
    So I was on the verge of buying a ticket to Hawaii, when I saw that a ticket to Europe was only 20 bucks more. Needless to say, I'm flying to London next month!

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