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Conversation Between BellaD and NoSanninWa
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  1. NoSanninWa
    2009-04-04 20:51
    We already are. All we just did was to inform the forum's software of that fact.
  2. BellaD
    2009-04-04 10:50
  3. NoSanninWa
    2009-04-04 01:14
    Still alive and well, just less chatty than I once was. And how could I forget you?
  4. BellaD
    2009-04-03 17:25
    Splendid one to are still alive and well I hope?..God I bet you don't even remember me
  5. NoSanninWa
    2008-12-14 22:15
    Nope. Never, not ever.
  6. BellaD
    2008-12-14 21:38
    Hello....Splendid one to behold.....*bows*
    Is that wound on the face ever going to heal ...?
  7. BellaD
    2008-06-11 09:46
    Ledgem if its worth anything you can experience those days with me....except that I will be an old woman, probably not attractive with saggy apples lol.....I know itīs an offer you canīt refuse so just say yes better sound like you mean it ...j/k.

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