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Conversation Between Vivio Testarossa and Noe
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  1. Noe
    2008-12-25 09:29
    Thanks!!~ Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too. ;D --> NanoFate (Christmas style)
  2. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-12-24 21:58
    Vivio Testarossa
    Merry Chirstmas Vizard/Noe.

    Have a Fate picture: - 2333 (jpg 500x700 188.1KB)
  3. Noe
    2008-12-16 15:14
    Yup, np. ^^
  4. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-12-16 00:07
    Vivio Testarossa
    Thanks for the image, Noe/Vizard
  5. Noe
    2008-11-29 09:19
    Alright, ty for letting me know.
  6. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-29 02:04
    Vivio Testarossa
    I asked him about MAL and he said that he did not have one. He did however say that he had one at another (undisclosed) site.
  7. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-10-27 21:46
    Vivio Testarossa
    To use sometimes for emphasis, in replies to posts.
  8. Noe
    2008-10-27 16:36
    Yeah, sure. ;d What for may I ask?
  9. Vivio Testarossa
  10. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-10-19 23:59
    Vivio Testarossa
    Oh, that... yes I do have one (although I don't log in that much)... VivioTestarossa

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