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Conversation Between Keroko and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2014-01-21 09:47
    Yeah I'm kinda high when I thought of that...
  2. Keroko
    2014-01-21 04:17
    ... What? No, she's human.
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2014-01-20 05:18
    Nanoha, though I reimagined her as an actual black dragon that due to manipulations by Artherion thinks she's human (at least during the early parts of the story).

    It is when she gets her dragon form that I was long pondering about adding boosters, since it looked pretty cool in DraCom.
  4. Keroko
    2014-01-20 04:59
    Which Keroko are we talking here?
  5. MeisterBabylon
    2014-01-20 03:37
    Ever played Dragon Commander, Keroko?

    Because ever since the Iron Skyreaver was released, I've rekindled an old fancy to give Keroko's dragon form rocket boosters. :3
  6. MeisterBabylon
    2011-12-29 09:42
    Planning SWTOR gave me the ship I was looking for, not droids.

    The [Baroque Dollar] is now a CR-50 Light Corvette. Which is a Defender-class updated with 3000 years of technology. And of course stolen by [Your's Truly] (at least he'd wish to be called that. XD).

    It's been modified with 2 aft-facing dual turbolaser turrets covering the rear arc, and the starboard port turned into a storage area for the BD's "cargo". With its speed and firepower, there's no need for starfighters crammed into a CR70.

    The crew's been modified too. While the MonCal stays, there's now a Jawa tech, and a Devaron bruiser in place of everyone else.

    I'll post up the new profile in a jiffy. Once I stop playing.
  7. Keroko
    2010-12-02 04:56
    Derp... Ah well, here's the artist tag anyways:
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2010-12-02 04:54
    Its ina chinese that I can't read...
  9. Keroko
    2010-12-01 07:33
    *pokes* Have you seen these yet?

    And if you have, translation plx.
  10. Keroko
    2010-11-06 19:10
    Yes, I am going to use that mineral joke somewhere along the line. :3

    I don't watch wiki's in the new style though. My profile settings are firmly locked on monobook, since the new wiki style looks absolutely disgusting on a widescreen laptop.

    And the two styles may be more similar than you think. Sardonia never constructed the first monastery, the founder did that himself. Sardonia merely taught the founder the earth style dragon slaying and chi manipulation (being, you known, an earth dragon 'chi' comes naturally secondary) it was the founder who decided to found the Chosin monastery to protect the scrolls.

    This trick keeps me safe from all sides. If the Old Styles turn out to be reincarnations, I can either safely keep Keroko out or claim her to be a reincarnation (thus her desire to learn from the scrolls) if they go the hibernation route, I can claim the scrolls were merely Sardonia's way of ensuring a Dragon Slayer to be present and if all that doesn't matter, I can simply truck along as I am.

    Classifying Kha is simple, does he need the Lacrima to use Dragon Slaying? If no, Old Style. If yes, New Generation.

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