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Conversation Between Keroko and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2010-11-04 23:54
    Which reminds me, I haven't seen a profile of FT!Keroko.
  2. MeisterBabylon
    2010-07-20 23:16
    There was hissing like air from a balloon as he withdrew his hand from a desiccated corpse. The boy continued to watch it thud to the ground and stay there before deciding to move on. The crimson sky of Kyoto Bay's evening seemed like every other day, but somehow he knew that he was knee-deep in Hell right now.

    He slipped his ashen-grey hands back into his blood-splattered pockets. He could hear the bated groans of nearby infected who were driven insane by their disease, and his instinct nudged him to pursue. He ignored it, choosing to ponder about how he got here. He got no answer again; his past was pitch black and blurred, unlike his eyes which made his glasses redundant and his ears that were eavesdropping on every meaningless moan for god knows how far.

    The boy went over what he did know: He woke up under a bookcase, smarting and hungry. He had spied a flock of wizened students plucking at a rotundant pile of flesh. And he reacted. It was only until after walking out of the school library crunching on some zombie pinkies did he get a faint feeling that something aint right.

    No past, not much of a present, even less of a future, and only a scented letter in his pack telling him that he was Kha and a female somewhere out there wanted to meet him at the park. But judging from the way things were all over town, the boy doubted the date was still on.

    And so he simply soldiered on. Maybe he should find out more about who he was. Maybe he should seek out who turned him into this monster. But Kha shelved the thought as he stumbled into a group of deliciously-shaped nymphoid undead ripe for the picking.

    A man can't think on an empty stomach, right?


    I was writing from the perspective of a boss zombie mob. Kinda like Alex Mercer from Prototype. Could turn into an anti-hero, or get gunned down gloriously by the booby humans.
  3. Keroko
    2010-06-12 17:48
    *observes the chaos* Heh. I love little sisters. You go Heineko.

    Anyway, Touhou!Keroko comes by to say "Yo!"
  4. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-05 10:59
    Negima OCT wants YOU! >=3
  5. MeisterBabylon
    2010-02-10 06:28
    So clone wars S2 had me revisiting the crew of the blockade runner "Serenity".

    Having put serious effort into redesigning the entire setup, I've made Kha Yuung a true-born Mandalorian, and given him a Z-95 Headhunter (No more silly variable fighter). His mother Chao Yuung captains the Serenity which, under the hands of Mon Cal wonder mechanic Jesmin Vezax, has been modified to have a cargo hold built into the spine like the Farstar. The aging Serenity runs delivery and passenger routes across the galaxy, and has the reputation of a ship and crew that gets the job done, no matter what it is.

    Chao deals with both Republic and the shady alike, as long as they can afford her rates. This brings the Serenity through many worlds, and would be an excellent venue to explore "life on the ground".

    I'm in need of crew members (gonna have 7-8 total) but most of all I've no clue what aliens to include (I've already have Mon Cal and may include a Wookie) so I was hoping if you'd like to help out? I'll be posting on Kyral's page as well.

    Also, is the starfighter progression for Kha: Headhunter (Early Clone Wars) ==> ARC-170 (Late Clone Wars) ==> X-wing (Rebellion) alright?

  6. Keroko
    2010-02-07 06:58
    One from the list.

    Out of curiosity, why Rinnosuke?
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2010-02-07 06:20
    Nice avatar Keroko :3
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2010-02-02 00:54
    Touma touma tasukete touma
  9. MeisterBabylon
    2010-01-30 02:31
    The latest Clone Wars make me rage. I mean, a family, 2 kids, a farm, right after the battle of Geanosis? Is that clone on sex steriods or something?
  10. MeisterBabylon
    2009-12-28 19:34
    Wheeeeee... I had one big Apocalypse xmas! Threw a manta into someone's face and reduced a waagh to nothing in 1 turn! XD

    How was your xmas?

    And I gotta stop reading that thread in TA forums as Shirai Keroko...

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