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Conversation Between Keroko and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2009-12-26 10:47
    Argh it's too cute!!! D=
  2. MeisterBabylon
    2009-12-25 08:50
    Neither me, though where is everything being posted at the moment. Do we dump it into the discussion thread, keep them here, or is there a fan creations thread in the general area...?
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2009-12-25 00:12
    Goddarnit it's all going according to Funya's plan! Even I got resurrected on this! XD

    I just posted some short design notes about the 2 churches I'm designing in the TAOC thread as a result.

  4. MeisterBabylon
    2009-04-24 23:42
    Er you seemed to have missed my post a few pages back... I was wondering if you meant Carym instead of Hayate about Nanoha and Fate not ever meeting her until StrikerS? Because I am aware of the former and already taken it into account, but not Hayate.

    Very sorry about this; I'm rather troubled by this fact that I've somehow missed. Aaron as well, since he did show the Aces working together since they were 14.
  5. Keroko
    2009-04-14 16:39
  6. Keroko
    2009-03-26 10:46
    HQ: skull.
    Elites: Complicated to describe... a skull in the middle of a cross, at the end of each of the cross's points are flat lines, giving it a 'targeter' vibe.
    Troops: Triangle pointing right.
    Fast attack: Lightning bolt.
    Heavy Support: Explosion.
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2009-03-13 09:43
    *sighs at the childish mess*

    You kids are too relaxed...


    Since when Kyral got dragged into this?!
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2009-02-04 09:43
    ... CURSE YOU DAEMON!!!... uh... thanks...

    <_< / >_>
  9. Keroko
    2009-01-20 12:59
    2) Switching Aspects? That's impossible. Merging the essence with ones core to begin with is already a risky prospect, separating them once merged is impossible. It's like putting sugar in tea. You can mix them, but you can't simply turn them back into sugar and tea. Becoming an Aspect mage is permanent business, one of the reasons why it is banned in the TSAB.

    Though... I suppose I could give it more thought... but the switching would be desperately life-threatening, as it would involve removing Neltharion's essence, which is merged with her own core. Neltharion's corruption is sort of a key part of Keroko's character, you don't just do away with that without a good tale behind it.

    And I need more info on this Prismatic Dragonflight. >:3

    I'm severely against this 'Cradle's gun creates' business. The Cradle was a warship, one that the Royal Family lived in, which is where the name Cradle comes from. You don't just go living in a ship that doesn't have a big beam-o-death when you're an empire with an emphasis on war.

    Rather then making the gun create, have it create a dimensional distortion. Dimensional distortion guns have a much better chance at summoning something from another dimension then a gun that creates (creating =/= summoning, you know).
  10. Keroko
    2009-01-20 06:28
    Blar, almost forgot about this. You asked me whether Tesla could take a student, right? Well, I don't see why not, concidering Vita is an instructor, Signum took to training Erio in StrikerS, and Zafira is currently watching over Ginga.

    Back on the Aspect Mage... I'm going to be making some changes into Aspect Magic, in light of my reworking of the Light of Belka among other reasons (just because you're back doesn't mean I'm giving up on that project, dammit!) rather then one of the five Aspects, Aspect magic is now simply the combining of ones own core with a shard of essence from any dragon, though the Aspects themselves are of course the most powerful to gain a contract from, they are also the hardest to find or recieve permision from.

    Also... and you won't like this... but Neltharion is not more powerful then the Cradle. There is no reason for Jail to summon Neltharion once he has the Cradle, as he would be trading a weapon he can control for a beast of merely similar power that he can't control. Jail isn't insane enough to do that.

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