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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. stray
    2022-08-18 11:08
    There are money leagues for fantasy football where you can play for a pot but you don't necessarily have to play for money; the times I've played was just with friends for bragging rights. Its kinda like a tabletop RPG but for sports nerds; you have a draft and choose your players (and depending on the size of the league you can pick up free agents as well) and week to week you match up against other players in the league and get points based on your players' statistical performances. I haven't played for a few years but someone I know asked me to join their league so I might get back into it this year.
  2. Last Sinner
    2022-08-18 10:36
    Last Sinner
    No worries, hope it works. Fault would only be something I'd get when below 10 anyway. Still waiting for a second email from Sekai about WEE.

    Regarding fantasy football, those are all paid leagues from what I understand? Not really a gambling person.
  3. stray
    2022-08-18 09:56
    Interesting, I'll check out the Flowers patch later when I'm at my main PC. It won't even start so anything would be an improvement at this point. As far as fault series though fault - milestone two was set to be released in two parts and above did release in 2015 but below is pretty much vaporware at this point, though it does still have a Steam page. Just fair warning that the series isn't completed and at this point it might never be.
  4. Last Sinner
    2022-08-17 22:52
    Last Sinner
    Part two of Fault is only 'upcoming' on Steam.

    This might help fix your issues with Flowers, there is a known bug that causes crashes or text to not appear in the first three parts:

    Originally posted by AtomCrafty:
    I posted in the other thread already, but for completeness sake here it is again. For everyone who deleted d3d9.dll because it was causing crashes, we will release a new version soon that should fix said crashes. In the meantime you can use this patch, just place the two files in your game folder:
  5. stray
    2022-08-17 20:16
    I got the Fault Milestone series from a bundle but I think the sequel has been somewhat abandoned. Maybe they'll get around to it someday I guess. I had a crash issue trying to play Flowers ~Le Volume sur Printemps~ that I wasn't really able to work out though it might be a Windows 11 issue. I was thinking to get into it now that the series is complete but I guess not... hmm... maybe it'll work on Steam Deck?

    I tend to ignore the NFL preseason but I am sort of intrigued to see how some things play out. Have you ever tried fantasy football? Its kinda fun especially if you follow the league as a whole.

    Personally I'm winding down with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and figuring out what's next. I'm both hyped and wary of the Made in Abyss game coming out next month; anime/manga series rarely make for compelling gaming but you never really know.
  6. Last Sinner
    2022-08-17 11:44
    Last Sinner
    Well, scratch that...I remember going through Part 1 back in 2014. Aka it worked back then...Currently, part 1 and 2 crash when trying to load while only part 3 works. Hopefully support will figure out why...

    Guess I might look at...Fault - milestone one this coming evening then.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-08-15 10:07
    Last Sinner
    Okay, I got to set aside 7 hours tonight for Flowers - hiver (Winter) and just finished unlocking everything in it. The major reveals...what happens to a certain major character and why...weren't what I expected - in a good way. All in all, the series took nearly 120 hours to get through. World End Economica time at long last in the coming nights.

    NFL is warming up, think it's about 3 weeks away now? Given next week is the last regular season round for AFL and both South Australian sides had meh seasons, I'll keep an eye out for Brisbane in the finals since some relatives live up there. I just hope for Collingwood (consider them to be the AFL equivalent of New England but spread out titles rather than clustered and far more derelict) to get knocked out ASAP.

    And if pain doesn't wrack me big time (I completed a major clean up over the last few weeks, mainly last week), I shall finally get back to Final Fantasy 6 on the weekend...
  8. Last Sinner
    2022-08-09 07:23
    Last Sinner
    Wasn't impressed by Lycoris Recoil. Full of the kind of aesthetics and characters that wear my patience out fast. Also that whole food/work focused genre really irks me with what it aims for. Throw in how much it reminds me of Princess Principal with its assassin angle and I really am out. I'm sure it has some perks and knows who it wants to aim for. I ain't part of that.

    If that's the case for the Tales franchise, guess that means Berseria is it for me. A friend of mine is playing through the whole franchise on PS gradually and said Zestiria was next, when he gets to it, but he wasn't in a rush. And...if Berseria really was a timeline prequel to Zestiria...that is very disappointing. It means Eizen eventually did give in to malevolence but I'd like to think he got at least 3000 years before he did. The overall plot seems to say that our dear Phi aka Maotelus eventually lost the plot too. Which really leaves a bad aftertaste because that means literally no one from Berseria persevered in the long run from the malakhim. It's also...damn weird to think that in 4000 years that the world hasn't progressed. If anything, it seemed like the world of Berseria was more advanced than Zestiria. I don't recall any major explanation for this aside - presuming that the 200 year cycle of the Lord of Calamity and the Shepherd are the cause.

    I got into Harley Quinn during the second season. It's just completely against the grain of the whole superhero genre. Take a couple of anti-heroes and have chaotic fun with them while the heroes and villains are bonkers, be graphic, be steamy. Hopefully it's not a victim of the WB cuts.

    Edit - Ever heard of a Youtuber by the name of Kenny Lauderdale? Guy focuses on retro anime. So relieved a suggestion like that was finally made. Flipping Gigguk's new channel got suggested to me tonight, which makes the fourth of his I've blocked now, so this guy's channel appearing was appropriate compensation.
  9. stray
    2022-08-08 14:59
    Tales of Zestiria is... not what I would have recommended, its definitely one of the weakest entries in the franchise though it is intertwined with Berseria considering it takes place 4000 years later in the canon. Edna is Eizen's imouto for example. Abyss, Arise, Hearts R, and Berseria are probably my favorites in the Tales franchise though a lot of entries aren't really playable without an emulator. Abyss was rereleased for 3DS but even 3DS is a deprecated platform now. I'm hopeful they do something with Hearts R (Vita, iOS only in Japan) someday but nothing so far.

    I've been preoccupied with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on Switch this past week or so, and before that I powered through Amatsutsumi which I've been waiting a long while for as well... both dropped on 7/29 so a shipping delay from Nintendo managed to maintain my sanity. I'm like 30-40 hours of what should easily be 100-120 hours so that's going to occupy a good bit of my time going forward.

    I'm embarassed to say I haven't actually watched Harley Quinn yet though I've been trying to get around to it. I sort of expected to like World End Economica but honestly couldn't get into it... I like economics but the author's style just doesn't click for me - we already discussed Spice and Wolf.

    Speaking of yuri(bait) are you watching Lycoris Recoil this season? If not you probably should be.
  10. Last Sinner
    2022-08-08 11:01
    Last Sinner
    For the record, since you indicated I should give other Tales games more of a look, I watched a playthrough of Zestiria. I found it had some good aspects - Alisha, Rose, Lucas, Edna - but geez, so utterly do-gooder, by the numbers, bleh villain and resolves virtually nothing aside from perseverance/contrast. Was its existence mainly to set up being the complete anti of Berseria? I just don't see how these two are the same game or others in the series. Vesperia bored the utter heck out of me and never seemed to go anywhere. Berseria only needed one hour to set up the protagonist's and villain's motivations, had a treasure trove of character depth, a story with resolution and had the perk of taking an utterly dysfunctional group of not-heroes and making them worth believing in. If anything, looking at the rest has convinced me Berseria really is the exception to the rest of the series, so I'll believe that the rest of the series is effectively the same but I will attest Berseria is not like them since it is intentionally the anti of Zestiria in just about every way possible.

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