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Conversation Between lovecakecookies and blottyparchment
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  1. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-20 02:20
    Fukuyama said that? in a recent PASH!?? wth? funny I thought he was a big luluxc.c shipper..

    I still think the scene in episode 24 was random but still romantic in a way.... lol
    C.C and Lulu bond is really really deeeppp

    I cant wait to read all the staff/VA comments on the ending.. lol I heard most of them are fun to read..
  2. blottyparchment
    2008-10-20 02:14
    oh about the changing into love thing.. maybe thats why the kept them apart most of the would have progressed to that too quickly.. its crazy how close Lulu and Kallen got in like only 9 episodes... sigh if only she didn't get captured.. Man we never get Lulu's inner thoughts..

    I think so too. It's crazy how much Kallen learned about the life story of Lelouch within a year or two (and take note, Lelouch was hiding his lineage for how many years? Also, he was keeping his geass power a secret to the extent of rewriting someone's memories), so why wouldn't it be crazy for Lelouch and Kallen to get so close in such a short period.

    You shouldn't be confused about ep24, dear. In Pash!, when Fukuyama is asked what he thinks C.C. meant to Lelouch, he thinks that they are similar to each other and from being accomplices, they become two people who have mutual understanding, romantic M.U. or not is up to people's imaginations/interpretations. But, TBH, I don't think anything would have happened between them in turn 24. A hug, I can see. But, a kiss is less, less, less plausible, IMO.
  3. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-20 02:08
    Oh no!! I just sent you something!! LOL

    sigh.. I know that blog scares me now..

    facepalm is all I do now these days

    and you are not a spammer.. lol I read ALL of your stuff
  4. blottyparchment
    2008-10-20 02:07
    What? And I am a bigger spammer, you know. Not only do I spam two messages in a row, I also spam wall-o-texts. XD I think we should talk on the profiles now, 'cause my inbox is getting close to 100% every two days XD

    About the interviews...I don't think people even read stuff like those? It's like, you have to pick out the interesting/insightful stuff and shove it point blank in people's faces.

    And I just read the animeotaku blog and all I can say is /facepalm...
  5. blottyparchment
    2008-10-14 23:09
    Oh, posted a summary of whas was said in this in the generic thread. Says nothing much really...
  6. blottyparchment
    2008-10-13 00:42
    Hmm, IIRC, around the 25 or 26 of October? Oh wait, do you mean DVD 3 or 4?
  7. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-13 00:24
    yup.. when does the next DVD come out anyways?

    oh I see.. its okay take your time!!
  8. blottyparchment
    2008-10-12 06:18
    (re: picture dramas) We'll just have to wait to be surprised, then.
    Yup, I've read the stuff on the secret board, haven't fully digested it yet but the stuff I've read there is interesting.
    Ei, I can't put up the translations yet. Can you wait a bit?
  9. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-06 02:54
    I know..

    I want EdxWinry!! lol and RoyAi too

    Nobody dies.. me too.. hell no they have been thru enough hell.. I would RAGE if Ed or Al died..
  10. blottyparchment
    2008-10-06 02:31
    Yah, read somewhere that the manga is ending soon and they can throw me any revelation; I just want RoyAi to come true. Oh, and that nobody major dies. I've had enough of tragedy after CG.

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