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Conversation Between lovecakecookies and blottyparchment
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  1. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-04 22:24
    oh yay!! well the last chapter I read was chapter 11!!

    yeah, I heard the manga leans towards them far have you read in the manga?? and I heard the novels do too? but they are all written by different authors right?

    but I mean R2 had a lot of moments between them too.. its just they are separated now because well, Lulu is dead a way..I am glad Lulu never confessed to Kallen (if he did indeed have feelings like that) it would have been so much harder for her.. sniff

    I think/know he loved Shirley but realized it too late, with Kallen he might have realized it but not wanted to push it..
  2. blottyparchment
    2008-10-04 22:16
    Yes, S2 was a lot of rurukare, which I'm partly glad for, because I had been hoping for something to happen between them ever since the first season. Now, I wanna read the latest CG manga, which seems to treat rurukare more favorably.

    Btw, do you want spoilers for the latest chapters of Akuma to Love Song?
  3. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-04 14:21
    Well, season 2 was a lot of rurukare.. lol...
    They left so many things ambiguous at the end... like even Kallen's question... i wonder if they left that ambiguous adn let us think what we want or we were supposed to figure it out..

    In Akuma? I like the same pairing you like.. the blond guy is too hyper for my tastes.. lol.. the scans are slow though...

    ok I will check it out... thanks
  4. blottyparchment
    2008-10-04 04:11
    Btw, which pairing in Akuma to Love Song do you like?
  5. blottyparchment
    2008-10-04 04:08
    You're welcome (re: SE4). I know I should have made it sound more entertaining than it seems, but really, I enjoyed it but I would have enjoyed it more if Kallen was placed into the mix. That sound episode would equal 3x the fun, don't you think?

    I'm still waiting for sunrise to throw some bones to rurukare fans. Come on, they should try to please their different fandoms, shouldn't they?

    Akuma to Love Song is also one of my few faves. I've read lots of shoujo manga but it's getting tiring to see the same 'ol, same 'ol damsel-in-distress. Maybe, that's why Kallen and Maria (Akuma to Love Song) appeal to me. What about you?

    Btw, I've put up an akurabu album. Check it out, won't you?
  6. lovecakecookies
    2008-10-03 22:47
    Omg!! I love your avatar!! Probably the few Shoujo mangas I read!!

    And did I ever tell you thank you for the SE4 translations?

    Those smart bastards didn't feature Kallen in the Drama because they knew they needed ALL the fans to buy it.. oh well... it was hilarious either way and I liked it... ...

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