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Conversation Between lovecakecookies and blottyparchment
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  1. lovecakecookies
    2009-01-05 20:56
    oh yeah I heard its old.... did you like it? I liked it a lot more that I thought I would..heheh
    yeah, picky? how so?
    1% of Anything? I was looking at this!! its a Korean drama right?
    thanks for the suggestions!
    you have good taste so I know I will prob like them
  2. blottyparchment
    2009-01-05 07:22
    Full House! Well, that certainly reminds me of the old days. It's one of the first asian dramas that was shown on our local TV. Very popular too.

    I'm usually picky with asian dramas. We get so many on free TV, but I don't have the time to watch at all. If you like more hate-hate, there's Sassy Girl Chunhyang, My Girl, 1% of Anything, and Yasuko to Kenji. Dal Ja's Spring is good too, though it's the guy who's been pestering the girl. The most recent j-dramas I've watched are detective/police action like Shibatora (Koike Teppei!), Puzzle, and Kimi wa Hannin ja nai yo ne (You're not a criminal, are you?).
  3. lovecakecookies
    2009-01-04 18:20
    ohhh.. yess!! I only watch 1 and a half so far.. lol..I watched the Korean drama Full house.. I loved it!! I love love-hate relationships between couples lol
    and then I start watching fated to love you.. and i am at episode 15.. and I dunno i think its ok...oohh suggest away!!

    yesh ch. 46 was saddd.. I dunno why ppl think that ship sunk.. man if they only understood the subtle actions of the characters in the chapter .... they will eat their words later!! (i hope I am right lol)
  4. blottyparchment
    2009-01-04 05:55
    Ooh. What asian dramas are you watching right now? May I suggest a few?
    Hah! VK ch46. I've been banging my head on my desk and telling Lie and dec about since two days ago. Geez, the last seven pages were like deja vu. A reversal of rurukare!
  5. lovecakecookies
    2009-01-04 03:28
    ohh coool..cant wait.. like i said lets hope not too much fanservice type pic..
    oh man i just have to say i forced myself to read the latest VK chap...
    UGHH..why do they torture Zero so much??? ....

    in other news i just got into Asian dramas thanks to a crazy neighbor of mine!! lols
  6. blottyparchment
    2009-01-02 03:01
    No dvd cover yet. We're all eyes and ears for new spoilers. It's about time for January furage to come.
  7. lovecakecookies
    2009-01-02 02:45
    the romance thread.. lols I dunno why ppl get so worked over that thread.. lols
    hmmm.. i dont remember what the rant was about..dang..

    I wonder if the new DVD cover came out yet!! I wonder how they drew Kallen? please no fan service type picc....hmm not really.. unless we get a sequel!!!
  8. blottyparchment
    2009-01-02 02:41
    I'm sorry for your eyes. Rant? Go ahead. Hit me with anything one of these days. I haven't ranted for a while. There's nothing much to talk about these days isn't it? The old topics are getting recycled again. Look at the romance thread. >.<
  9. lovecakecookies
    2009-01-02 02:38
    heyy welcome back!!!
    Happy new yearss to you too!! hope you had a good one.. lols.. lots of ppl streaked this year.. my poor eyesss!! heheh.....awwww... that nice of you to help ur mother..
    pm? lols. i was in a mood that day with a rant..dunno bout what though.. lols..when
    remember i will send!!

    yeah my break sucked too..i had to help around the house too.. not that i mind, but it just got out of hand..
  10. blottyparchment
    2009-01-01 07:31
    Sigh. I had a two-week vacation that I couldn't get to enjoy the way I wanted to because I had to help out in my mother's store. Been away from internet for two weeks.

    Happy New Year, btw.

    How are you? I kinda left some space in my inbox in case you sent me a pm, which I was expecting.

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