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Conversation Between XenahortCharybdis and Rising Dragon
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  1. XenahortCharybdis
    2013-03-21 01:06
    All hail Shai-Hulud!
  2. Rising Dragon
    2013-03-21 00:51
    Rising Dragon
    That was the same situation I had for chapter 3--that last scene. Not easy depicting a giant sandworm fight on a moving train in words.
  3. XenahortCharybdis
    2013-03-21 00:05
    Oh you'll know that I've run out of patience once you see a rant half as long as a chapter section on your or something.

    And yeah, writing chapters really does take a while sometimes. I'm currently stuck at a certain scene in Chapter 2. Despite knowing everything that I want from it, I just can't get it to look like what I want. Blimey.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2013-03-20 20:19
    Rising Dragon
    That's fine, I just... wasn't really sure what you were talking about or waiting for. Can't promise I'll get chapter 4 up any time soon, seeing how long it took me to finish chapter 3.
  5. XenahortCharybdis
    2013-03-20 20:16
    Just you hold on t' yer hat a bit. If yer really want though I can just go drop a bomb on later today. You'll recognize me - I use Chibiterasu as my online avatar all the time nowadays. I think her fluffy cuddly cuteness makes up for the fact that I'm precisely the opposite.

    Secondary reason for not doing anything is that I'm also doing my own fic at this point, and it's -as you can see- chewing up a lot of time and space.

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