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Conversation Between EroKing and Last Sinner
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  1. EroKing
    2021-08-31 09:37
    On the contrary, why do you have an issue with me for enjoying the movie more than you or others? I didn't quote you first, did I? Why does a little drama in a movie makes you insta try to take a shot at Okada Mari? What exactly has she done lately or in relation to this particular movie? That's Pocari Sweat's old gig and it was retarded at best. It lowers your credibility on these forums and reduces it to nothing more than trolling.
  2. Last Sinner
    2021-08-31 09:21
    Last Sinner
    What is your're that mortally offended by someone overall liking something but giving it a 7.5/10? You need the opinion of populism to justify your stance after how much anime you've watched? You can't handle someone liking something but giving it a lower score than you? I honestly expected better than zealotry, or because Metacritic/MAL said so. You're missing out on a heck of a lot if you need the masses to dictate what it is you like or believe in. Also, if you actually bother to read reviews on MAL or IMDB or wherever, you'd find that there's a significant proportion of people giving a perfect score yet saying they still 'had issues' with that movie. And if you honestly think that some voting communities inspire people to vote up to feel included or to pile on mediocre scores on certain titles to avoid being targetted, you're dreaming. And if you honestly think the majority of people that saw something bother to go online and score it, they don't. Because a significant amount of people don't need others to validiate how they feel. They can stand on their own.

    I wish you no ill will. And as a fellow Indian, I honestly hope things get better over there. But I can't respect you. If you got that hostile over something that minor, I have no interest to converse with you again. Given that some people I know around here like you, I'm disappointed you felt it so necessary to resort to turning this into a self-righteous battle.

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