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Conversation Between ani_d and Westlo
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  1. Westlo
    2009-07-24 04:58
    lol @ yuuki, I wonder how much longer until Zero and Kaname fans want her to end up with the other person lol.
  2. ani_d
    2009-05-17 21:04
    So I just saw your VM a week later. I haven't read the latest chapter of VK yet because it always leaves me hanging so I'm waiting till there's a bunch of chapter out before I read them. But I think if Yuuki were to become a Zero fangirl, you wouldn't mind it, right? Go read Blade of the Immortal. I think the little "Yuuki" there won't disappoint you.

    Going back to Regios, I really wish they atleast settle for an original anime end. The story is interesting enough as it is, I don't want it to end with plot holes hanging. One thing though, if the anime right now is barely no different from how the novel is, then I don't think I have to worry about Layfon and Nina lol It's just this harem fiasco is getting a little bit tiresome. It's better to sit back and watch the show by yourself than listen to people proclaim how Leerin will own everyone once she goes to Zuellni which is 2nd - 3rd episode away from the last episode. x_x Sure whatever.
  3. Westlo
    2009-05-11 04:25
    lol.... seems Nina fans have got wind in their sails while Felli fans expectations are dropping and Leerin fans just want her to do something. Don't know what all the hot air is about since unless they go for an anime original end nothing conclusive will happen...

    Also I have to say I was disappointed in the latest Vampire Knight Chapter, I'm all for Yuuki having her moment with Kaname... but for her to stop being Yuuki and turn into a faceless avatar of Kaname fan girls was disappointing.. reminded me of why I dislike the majority of shoujo romances.
  4. ani_d
    2009-03-08 17:40
    Are you serious? Nina's VA is Noe's? I never noticed. :| I always had this gut feeling that Nina's voice sounded familiar but I never would've figured that out. She's good. I'm thankful Nina has had more exposure than Lilin in the show or it'll be another Xamdou for me. That's another reason why I can't warm up to Lilin. Lack of exposure. I heard she has an important role in the story "later", but she's barely there. =/ I don't think the director expects the audience to be novel readers. Do you know if she's really the main heroine? It doesn't really seem like that to me.

    Since White Album is going to get a second season, maybe Rina will have more screentime later. I have this gut feeling that things will just get uglier in the future. Whatever kind of ending it gets, I guess I'm good as long as Yuki ends up happy in the end. I want a happy ending to contradict all of those nice boat predictions for a change. I'm still not out looking for new animes this Spring but I'm kind of curious about Basquash! (since it's from Kawamori.)
  5. Westlo
    2009-03-07 19:15
    I've always liked Nina from the start, I was rather surprised to fine out that she is voiced by the same VA who did Noe from True Tears, did you know that from listening to her voice? Anyway like I said I liked Nina from the start I just like Felli slightly more from the start, though Nina is quickly catching up.

    That being said I'm all for Nina pairing with Layfon, I feel it's the best pairing and that's the pairing I actually expect to win. Nina's had the more character defining and developing actions with him and it has gone both ways. I also can't seem to take a Layfon and Felli pairing seriously and I need more than "OMG she's osanajima and she truly loves layfon yes she does!" to warm up to a Lilin pairing.

    As for White Album I haven't been keeping up with it, I saw Rina had no chance and lost interest, you know about it getting episodes 14-26 in the Fall season btw? Anything catch your interest in Spring season btw?
  6. ani_d
    2009-03-07 18:47
    I know. I'm not even sure if they're still speaking on behalf of Layfon or for themselves So I'd rather not reply. I really can't picture Nina overlooking what Layfon did. It's just in her nature to confront him if she knew he was going down the wrong path. But I also think that Nina needs a lot to learn from Layfon too. She can be a bit naive. The rude awakening she got last episode was a good start.

    And thank goodness you're not one of them Nina haters. This time.

    I've been watching White Album. IMO, there's no competition, it's just Yuki against all the harem girls. Touya is a passive jerk, but surprisingly, I don't hate him unlike with Makoto from School Days. I hope he doesn't commit suicide in the end lol
  7. Westlo
    2009-03-07 18:27
    The amount of hate Nina is getting is moronic.
  8. Westlo
    2009-02-03 03:01
    Hmm I remembered you mentioned Shawn Michaels once so I'll see how this Japanese Macross Character Popularity analogy goes with you... Ranka is Triple H and Sheryl is The Rock. Though you wouldn't get my point if you don't know the backstage politics and stuff but who knows maybe you do

    So for VK you're leaning more towards Zero because you think he deserves it more? Also get off the fence I think you're clearly favoring Zero-kun As for the direction of the manga I'm intrigued with how she would approach it. I really can't see that much focus on Kaname and Yuuki to be honest unless they really want to drive home the "doomed" relationship aspect of it. Can't really introduce a new antagonist for them since she made Kaname way too overpowered so noone is a realistic threat. Zero's really the only one who can stand up to Kaname, so I wouldn't be surprised if it focuses on him and that vampire girl from a few chapters back tries to entice him onto her side.
  9. ani_d
    2009-01-30 04:04
    Oh? You're still talking about the 2ch hate thread from last year. If you want to think that the whole world 'hates' Ranka then keep on thinking that. ^_^ I'll start caring once that "massive" fan hate keeps MacF website from promoting any more Ranka/Megu, mmkay?

    As for VK, I like both guys so I still can't pick a fave. I root for the one who's aggravated and that varies each day. All I know is that I hate it when Yuuki dismisses Zero to be all Kaname-fied. Zero deserves more love. I think 47 clarified that Yuuki is STILL the same as she was even before her memories came back. It's just she couldn't turn back anymore even if she really didn't want to fight Zero because that's the "right" thing to do. She's a vampire, he's a vampire hunter and all that. He thinks she's changed, she thinks he hates her. They really need to talk it out. Besides, you already know my stand. Kaname has to die or let her go first before Yuuki will leave him for Zero. She won't leave Kaname just like that. It's not like she's forcing herself to be with him. She's in love with

    But just the fact that she calls him "onii-sama" doesn't really close Zero's chances plus the fact that Zero keeps reinforcing that Yuuki loves Kaname everytime. The drama will be better if at the end of this long winding road, Yuuki grows out of his brother complex and comes to love Zero. A couple who always had the odds against them is the most interesting afterall. Who knows, a couple chapter filled with Yuuki and Kaname might just change my impression again. It always does that so I stick to my first impression. My big question is, will Zero have even less screentime now that Kaname is the one beside Yuuki. Where are Kaname and the others heading now? Is it going to be a Yuuki and Kaname show from here on etc etc...It's just one chapter. I won't get my hopes up too much till I've seen how the second half will go.
  10. Westlo
    2009-01-30 01:21
    Oh you're mistaken, I do appreciate those comments because they're full of lolz XD I just thought you might want to stop the procession of idiots from going on Oh and in regards to ""it's just AS" what next ani_d "It's just 2ch" To drop a quote from a 2ch Ranka hate thread.. "I haven't seen a character get so much hate since Suzaku". But it's just 2ch right

    So where do you think Vampire Knight is going to go, agree with the Kaname fangirl group who gave up after jumping for joy in 46? I mean if you want to use your time apart argument which you used in Macross there's clearly only one pairing for that. Or you wanna sit on the fence for one more chapter and see where things go?

    You listened to Megumi's single yet? Fun cd but it seems no one wants to talk about it, your club mates would rather lol @ Sheryl's original position in the show I guess.. which you know really isn't a good look for Ranka to draw with someone positioned like that but hey what do I know

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