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Conversation Between vivify93 and Tyabann
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  1. vivify93
    2009-12-02 19:39
    Just assume I'm an odd child for the sake of your sanity.
  2. Tyabann
    2009-12-01 18:02
    What in the...
  3. vivify93
    2009-12-01 18:00
    ...Cheat now you see a nice ice key which you can have for free?

    You now prossess Dracula's Rib. Sonic boom, sonic boom, sonic boom!

    I got these from an FFV parody a long time ago.
  4. Tyabann
    2009-12-01 17:58
    Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
  5. vivify93
    2009-12-01 17:57
    I have no life, but I have a soul.
  6. Tyabann
    2009-12-01 17:25
    Eh, I know more than most people only because I have no life/soul.
  7. vivify93
    2009-12-01 07:06
    Ah. Once again, my technique has been utterly destroyed by a higher level of anime-jitsu. *bows* My respect, sensei.
    ...Though, what with simplistic names like "shonen" and "seinen", you'd think I'd know this.
  8. Tyabann
    2009-11-30 20:32
    Shounen is manga/anime intended for young boys, and tends to imply the usage of certain tropes and character types. YuGiOh isn't the best example... DBZ is more classic shounen.

    Seinen, conversely, is any anime/manga series intended for adult men, and this covers an incredibly vast range of genres. I usually only go for the out-there stuff (Haruhi would be included in this), or really, really well-done slice-of-life like Azumanga.
  9. vivify93
    2009-11-30 07:27
    So, is the difference between shonen and seinen like the difference between Yu-Gi-Oh! and When They Cry? I'm only aware of the differences between shonen and shojo and shojo and mahou shojo.
    I'll probably finish up Haruhi by watching Sigh before moving onto what I want to watch. Definitely going to check out that Baccano! thing though.
  10. Tyabann
    2009-11-30 06:15
    Ah, it's shoujo. That's why I had the impression it was terrible. <_<

    I only really watch/read random seinen series, and RARELY shounen... my tastes are pretty off-the-wall, as you know. Saya no Uta, Eva, Umineko, etc.

    So yeah, not really into shoujo-y stuff. The only shoujo I ever watched was Ouran, and that's because it was goddamn hilarious.

    Thanks for the recommendation, though. I'll recommend it to one of my friends who likes stuff like this...

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