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Conversation Between vivify93 and Sho-tan
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  1. vivify93
    2010-02-19 00:12
    So you played Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, eh? Did you finish it? Who'd you end up marrying?

    I'll bet you married Bianca.
  2. Sho-tan
    2010-01-02 09:57
    Well you know, the whole "Unification" of countries, and the country relations themselves are suggestive as it is.

    Ever since I watched Hetalia, I can't stop giggling during History class. Probably because all I can think about is Germany bopping N. Italy on the head.
  3. vivify93
    2010-01-02 03:27
    Hetalia sure has a lot of yaoi of it. Perhaps too much.
  4. Sho-tan
    2010-01-01 10:00
    Buono Tomato! Buono Tomato! Buono Buono, Ooh! Tomato!
    Aka Agete, Midori Sagete, Tomato-mato-mato! Hn!

    ...I've been watching a lot of Hetalia.
  5. vivify93
    2009-12-03 01:48
    It's a small in-joke to myself that I never know whether to call the blue one who combats Dr. Wily Rockman or Megaman. Normally I just say XYZman or "the blue one who combats Dr. Wily".
  6. Sho-tan
    2009-12-02 21:10
    So, everybody then.
  7. vivify93
    2009-12-02 19:44
    I read it and it looks more like it's about wanting to make sweet love to
    MegaRockSuperUltraSpiderSilverImperiumMoonCrystalM ysticalVisaCardOfMagicman.
  8. Sho-tan
    2009-12-01 19:24

    Huh, well then. I'm done two more rewrites, so I'll post them on LJ.
    I think BubbleMan was my best so far, and Crashman could be better. Then again, it's a song about rape, so I can't really do much with that.
  9. vivify93
    2009-12-01 18:01

    I don't think you need to shell out cash munnehz for me if my parents are getting me a HaruSuzu book. Thanks anyhow, though! It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's that now you have a load off your shoulders.

  10. vivify93
    2009-11-28 10:57

    It's a long, long, complicated, drama-filled story of emo badness. Since it's emo, someday, I'd imagine that I'll post it on LiveJournal, but not anytime soon.

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