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Conversation Between leongsh and kanon78
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  1. kanon78
    2010-08-19 09:12
    So what do you think of the anime adaptation of Rainbow so far after 20 episodes? I hope we get to see "Soldier's arc" soon.
  2. kanon78
    2010-04-10 04:48
    Thank you very much for your reply!
    I am looking even more forward to see the next episodes of Rainbow. I hope we get at least 24-26 episodes, or like you said if they go for the entire story some 50+ episodes and to see the manga scanlated beyond chapter 3 soon (which probably is just wishful thinking).
  3. leongsh
    2010-04-08 08:03
    How much do you want to be spoilt? =D

    Spoiler for General spoilers: Are you sure?:

    There are altogether 235 chapters for the whole series. As to how many episodes this anime adaptation will get, it's up in the air as there is no indication anywhere. If they plan to go all the way, it can easily hit 50 episodes. That being said, do take note when the usual sponsor screens comes up after the OP and ED, they are empty So, it can mean 13 episodes or up to 26 episodes.

    I do think there's a good bit of incentive and budget for the show. Look at the production. They even roped in live action actors to become seiyus as well as getting well-known seiyus involved. Heck, they even got Megumi Hayashibara just to do the narration.
  4. kanon78
    2010-04-07 04:23
    hey leongsh,

    I wanted to ask you, since I saw in the Rainbow anime thread that the manga is one of your favorites, if you could spoil me about the story beyond chapter 3 (scanlations are unfortunately really slow). And do you know how many episodes we will get with this anime adaptation? I would very much appreciate it, if you have the time to give me a reply.

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