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Conversation Between Dr. Casey and SeijiSensei
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  1. SeijiSensei
    2022-09-15 10:53
    I started watching anime in 2006 after my daughter brought home a borrowed copy of Mononoke Hime that her friend had suggested. I was hooked. I dug into lists of highly-rated anime (Monster, Juuni Kokuki, etc.) and joined a few torrent sites like this one and I've been following seasonals ever since along with the occasional movie.

    I always liked animation but had seen only American and the occasional European work.

    Anime was a more much diverse place in 2006-2008. The 2008 recession forced production committees to be much more cautious, and we got little of note for a couple of years until Madoka Magica in 2010. The industry seems a bit more open-minded these days, but it's still a far cry from the rowdy 2006-2008 period.
  2. Dr. Casey
    2022-09-14 22:41
    Dr. Casey
    Very cute Yaeka avatar. I haven't seen her show yet, but I love her character design. I'm curious, how long have you been into anime and discussing it online? I'm curious since you're only about a year younger than my dad (December 1948). Would be nice if my dad was a huge weeb like you.
  3. SeijiSensei
    2013-11-14 20:28
    I can see the resemblance!

    As I wrote about that avatar, it is most definitely an "artist's rendition." I had red hair which has gone dramatically grey over the past few years. What was once mostly red with a little grey mixed in is now mostly grey with a little red mixed in.

    I watched Ben Casey with my parents when it aired. My favorite character was Dr. Zorba, though, played by Sam Jaffe. He was a hoot. Ben was too full of himself for me to find him appealing.

    Here's a recent photo with my daughter and a cousin. I'm the one in the Red Sox cap in case you couldn't guess.
  4. Dr. Casey
    2013-11-14 20:11
    Dr. Casey
    Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
    I always figured you looked like your namesake Ben:
    I think I do look like a slightly younger and much less manly/rugged version of Dr. Casey, now that you mention it (at least around the eyes). I could pass for his grandson.

    1960s Dr. Casey
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    2010s Dr. Casey
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    You should post pictures of yourself over the years in the photos thread sometime. I always think it's fascinating to see the aging process at work, and take in how people change over the years. (Though, if you're still as youthful looking as your former avatar suggests, it seems you personally haven't done too much changing.)
  5. SeijiSensei
    2013-01-31 22:36
    I'm glad to hear that. I found that whole scene especially jarring and inconsistent. It goes to show what anime producers think is required to make a show popular with the otaku crowd.
  6. Dr. Casey
    2013-01-31 21:57
    Dr. Casey
    Frankly I didn't like the ecchi grandfather very much either. I don't mind teenaged Manabe having sexual fantasies about Haruka, but why do we need to make her grandfather, who we have so far seen as the only one who cared for poor Haruka, suddenly become an incestuous pervert? It seems like mindless fanservice and undermines the story.
    It's left out of the anime, but I read that in the 4koma, the grandfather only thought those things to lighten the mood and snap Kotoura out of her depression (and it's the only scene where he ever shows those kinds of sexualized thoughts) and afterwards basically says "lol gotcha." Might still be a bit weird, but quite a bit less so, I think.
  7. SeijiSensei
    2012-05-09 21:27
    Well, thanks! My golf game shows the two competing forces you describe. I have more experience and caginess, but getting my body to do the same things it did when I was 35 is a lot harder to do at 62!

    My college class is especially tightly-knit. We held a 60th birthday party for ourselves two years ago and were surprised at how good we all still looked, or so we thought anyway I do think we looked better as a group at our 40th Reunion last year than I remember the equivalent Reunion class looking when I was graduating in 1971.

    By the way, is your name Ben, Dr. Casey?
  8. Dr. Casey
    2012-05-09 21:09
    Dr. Casey
    I agree with you, you're definitely not a geezer. Well, the 60s is getting a bit old, but I actually think the 60s are a really good age. You have all the good points of 'old age' (Wisdom, experience, a rich history with a hopefully fascinating, meaningful life story) with none of the bad (Since most people in their 60s are still in perfectly good health, many are still pretty or handsome, and dementia doesn't really become common until the 80s). A lot of people think that youth is the best part of life, and that's understandable of course, but I look forward to all the future chapters of life for different reasons; I think your soul gets richer with age, the further along you get in your story and the more people you meet and things you experience, and that's a pretty okay consolation prize for your body declining.

    Yeah, sorry for the random post, just came across your convo with monir and felt like saying that.

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