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Conversation Between Last Sinner and Kanon
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  1. Kanon
    Yesterday 13:06
    I must be wrong, then. I suppose it makes sense for Aigis to be romanceable in both routes, since she's as close as it gets to canon love interest in the Persona series (minus P2).

    Given what you're telling me, the plot should start to get in motion soon.

    IIRC, I used Akihiko, Mitsuru and Yukari as my party members. I'm not sure why I do it myself but I always use two guys and two girls.
  2. Last Sinner
    Yesterday 10:54
    Last Sinner
    Every guide I read says FeMC can go for Aigis. Guess I'll find out eventually.

    Tonight's stint cleared the rest of the 3rd block and beat the splitting boss on the full moon just after that. Strega revealed themselves to the group.

    Characters are about Level 30. And at this point...I'm really over Junpei. The only edge he had was his weapon being way above the curve for a fair while, but that has ended. Akihiko has finally stopped being knocked out with ease (tends to be Mitsuru now) but he is also relatively lacking at this point. The moment everyone caught up to Aigis's level and I started using her in a female trio lineup, a proper balance between damage and support was established for what I needed. Fanatic Tower (single mob near the end of 3rd block) was damn harsh. The full moon encounter just after that was a cakewalk in comparison.
  3. Kanon
    2023-01-31 18:02
    I don't think you can romance any girl with FeMC.
  4. Last Sinner
    2023-01-31 18:00
    Last Sinner
    Basically where I reached was a bit after the beach trip, so Yukari found out about her father, Mitsuru has had the reasons for her trust issues/secrecy revealed, Aigis and Ken have appeared (Aigis playable atm, Ken not yet) and the dog got attacked. I got Chihiro's link to 10. And at this rate, I'm a 99% lock for pursuing Aigis with FeMC because I'll be damned if I do that with any male in P3 because they are all...meh/bleh.
  5. Last Sinner
    2023-01-31 15:26
    Last Sinner
    That has definitely not happened yet.

    I can kind of understand why you'd feel that way. Admittedly, I've only ever played 3, same for a lot of people. I haven't read the novels. It may have been the region you went to. Skellige is easily the region I enjoyed most. If you go to the southern-most one, it's gritty and there's a lot of dirtbags in charge there.
  6. Kanon
    2023-01-31 11:34
    It's been a long time so I don't remember the order of events, is *spoiler* dead yet? You'll know what I'm talking about if you're already past it. That whole part was really dark.

    I tried to play the Witcher 3 a couple weeks ago and I couldn't get into it. It's really not my type of game. I can tell it's good, but I just don't like it. Not having played the other entries nor read the novels probably didn't help. Always hated jumping into a series in the middle.

    I played Until Dawn instead and it was pretty fun. I'm thinking of trying Life is Strange next, I haven't played many interactive story games or whatever they're called. I find they have their appeal.

    Next big game I'm looking forward to is Like a Dragon Ishin.
  7. Last Sinner
    2023-01-31 11:20
    Last Sinner
    In August now in P3P. Tartarus grind on the agenda after work. The reveals that happened during the summer events certainly ramped things up. Aigis has certainly made things more...amusing? Kind of necessary given how heavy everything else was.
  8. Kanon
    2023-01-29 13:23
    Sadly only played it in English, where her VA was notoriously obnoxious. Glad you're enjoying it.
  9. Last Sinner
    2023-01-29 09:28
    Last Sinner
    I'm now in July in P3P, just got through the 'hotel night' after a major session in Tartarus. The moment Fuuka joined the fold, everything picked up big time for me. Mamiko Noto was a perfect match for her.
  10. Kanon
    2023-01-26 13:18
    Among AAAs, it'll definitely end up being the worst.

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