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Conversation Between Taricitous and reaper1984
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  1. reaper1984
    2008-10-31 03:57
    Video Post Production, basically making our own films, commercials stuff like that, teaches us to be future directors and work in special effects and so on...

    Here's my production teams latest work, we made our own movie trailer

    ... I can at least TRY and run from the menace that is cookies! hahaha
  2. Taricitous
    2008-10-30 22:29
    lol, u and every1 else dat watches it :P, video post production? wat do u do in dat exactly? lol its not possible to run from cookies my friend >
  3. reaper1984
    2008-10-29 19:34
    yeh! that fuckin bat!!! they didnt do it for the first ep! but the other 2 i was like.. um wut? stupid bat gtfo!!! haha a diploma in I.T? wow very cool... i'm doing a diploma in video post production in Auckland NZ

    /runs away from cookies!
  4. Taricitous
    2008-10-29 12:09
    hahaha, nah their pretty good cept the R+V censors is soooooo annoying, i mean tey cover up panties shots etcetc but they also take up so much space, its hard to tell wats happening in the background wif dat stupid bat, o im studying Dipl. I.T atm in brisbane

    ps /wavecookies >
  5. reaper1984
    2008-10-29 09:27
    oh true!? what are you studying? I gave in to the dark side and watched R+Vcapu2 and Ef a tale of melodies haha I couldn't stop myself... I blame you haha you enticed me with cookies!
  6. Taricitous
    2008-10-29 09:01
    started college/uni, umm canvas2, n 2 other series, waiting for new episodes to come out and extremely tired

    how bout u?
  7. reaper1984
    2008-10-28 18:28

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I can't infect you! my purpose to log into jubei has been lost! haha

    anyways! how you been bro?
  8. Taricitous
    2008-10-28 07:13
    lol i mite be a bit hard since i havnt been on :P
  9. reaper1984
    2008-10-27 21:30
    yah! im gonna find you on jubei and infect you! lol j/k! haha
  10. Taricitous
    2008-10-27 11:58
    lol dats wat uve been doing ? hahaha, the zombie is an 'im rly fukn bored so let me do sumthing' thing :P

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