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Conversation Between Taricitous and reaper1984
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  1. reaper1984
    2008-10-27 09:12
    man, that zombie shit in WoW is insane haha
  2. Taricitous
    2008-10-24 04:16
    mmmm d-gray man has sum bad bits tbh, but im been distracted by new episodes!, new EF, VampireKnights2, Clannad:AF >< o n R+V2 soonish too
  3. reaper1984
    2008-10-23 21:48
    yeh D Gray man is so good! shame they stopped it at 103 eps... i was so sad when it finished haha

    And noooo i must ignore the choc chip bribeness! haha
  4. Taricitous
    2008-10-23 09:11
    wat if it was CHOC-CHIP COOKIES !!!, anyways have another 30odd episodes of d-gray man to go >< ahhhhhhh long series ahhhhh
  5. reaper1984
    2008-10-23 06:40
    nooo i must avoid the dark side! haha nooooo even if they have COOKIES and hot anime girls! lolz
  6. Taricitous
    2008-10-22 11:34
    lol serious? mmm interesting lol, come to the dark side ..... :P
  7. reaper1984
    2008-10-22 10:35
    tbh! i just found out about tale of melodies! i almost shat myself when i realised a new season of ef was out... haha! must... watch... but no... must waiiiit... lol
  8. Taricitous
    2008-10-22 09:30
    of cos, im chasing tale of melodies atm >.< (couldnt stop myself ) but atm im watchin d-gray man bit addicted haha, its too bad EF is short
  9. reaper1984
    2008-10-22 09:19
    LOL true true! I will watch it all again.... but I gotta pace myself! lol... SO! Right now im watching EF A tale of memories again... showing it to my friend! I love this anime! you seen it?
  10. Taricitous
    2008-10-22 03:48
    haha yea, times like that u gota rewatch it all again

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