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Conversation Between Taricitous and reaper1984
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  1. reaper1984
    2008-10-22 00:45
    yeah i know! haha but yeh i have to discipline myself! lolz i started watching Code Geass R2 one after the other... and I felt sad cuz when i got them all... it was done haha so this time! i'll pace myself! lol
  2. Taricitous
    2008-10-21 13:23
    ya im like that too, well least i like to think i m, but the current series r sequels n i just cant stop myself
  3. reaper1984
    2008-10-21 09:13
    I kinda like to wait till an anime is fully completed before i watch them... that way i can get a full burst of anime in one go and fry my brain lolz
  4. Taricitous
    2008-10-21 08:49
    lol ys dat? nuthing on air atm suit u? o wait, gota wait a few more days till more of em r released
  5. reaper1984
    2008-10-21 07:59
    just been browsing forums really... lol... im soooo bored right now! sigh... haha
  6. Taricitous
    2008-10-21 07:12
    not bad, been watching Sekirei n been annoyed at it ><, u ?
  7. reaper1984
    2008-10-21 04:19
    allo allo! hows your day been!?
  8. Taricitous
    2008-10-20 10:10
    haha nice i should go do dat too, umm ya wat u like seems similar to mine, cept i didnt get through rozen maiden i duno the idea of a doll tellin humans wat to do just dont click in for me haha, ummm chobits, i was gona watch dat cept AT the time i wasnt rly up for tragedy lol n ya it ALL depends on the mood
  9. reaper1984
    2008-10-20 09:54
    well~ i'm a big... and I mean BIG Rozen Maiden fan lol... I also like Suzumiya Haruhi... Lucky Star, Kanon, Clannad... Fate/Stay Night, D. Gray-Man... as you can see the types and genres vary... they usually vary on my mood to be honest hehe... how about you?

    I am currently in the middle of watching Chobits... I have finished the manga, just wanna see the anime now hehe

    I am gonna sleep now, so I'll message ya when im back from my course!
  10. Taricitous
    2008-10-20 09:48
    anyways wat kinda anime u into? example series maybe lol (curious ^^ )

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