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Conversation Between Rajura and Roloko vi Britannia
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  1. Roloko vi Britannia
    2012-07-15 22:10
    Roloko vi Britannia
    We got the phone back a couple hours after I typed the previous message. I hope we don't go through this again anytime soon and if we do I hope its when its cooler like in Fall. xP
  2. Rajura
    2012-07-14 20:24
    Everything is finally back... no thanks to Sudden"suck"!
  3. Roloko vi Britannia
    2012-07-04 15:39
    Roloko vi Britannia
    I have no phone, but my speed is back to normal for now so I guess I could try and stream full episodes.
  4. Rajura
    2012-07-03 19:35
    Well, I'm glad to hear things are returning to normal.

    I am still without internet but got my power back now. I am still having to use the internet at work at the hospital, which is killer because of the firewall. But, I guess I shouldn't be playing on the internet too much at work anyway. Hahaha.
  5. Roloko vi Britannia
    2012-07-03 15:52
    Roloko vi Britannia
    Our power came back yesterday morning.

    Our phone is out and yet I'm on the internet though its crawling at a snail's pace. xD
  6. Rajura
    2012-06-30 20:51
    Are you without power too? I only have a signal because I am at CAMC Memorial at the moment.
  7. Roloko vi Britannia
    2012-05-06 12:07
    Roloko vi Britannia
    Thanks Raj. =D

    I hope so too even though I woke up feeling like crap because of my allergies. We might run into each other if you find time to go to the Tsubasacon this year.
  8. Rajura
    2012-05-05 20:01
    Happy B-day Roloko~

    I know it's a few hours away yet, but since I was thinking about you, I decided to go ahead and wish it to you!

    I hope you have a wonderful one... amazing we have yet to run into each other, huh?
  9. Rajura
    2011-12-24 20:59
    Merry Christmas, Roloko!
  10. Rajura
    2011-12-02 21:19
    Thanksgiving was... the Saturday after not so much...

    Never have I wish to be on call until that game... miserable!

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