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Conversation Between Izayoi and Daniel E.
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  1. Izayoi
    2012-12-28 03:22
    I am playing the PSP version. Maybe it is because I was new to this type of strategy RPG and the gameplay was a bit complex that I sort of dropped it. I guess I will try to pick it up again since I have a bit of a break. Thanks.
  2. Daniel E.
    2012-12-28 00:52
    Daniel E.
    Forgot to ask.... which version are you playing? The one for the PSP is IMHO, much better than the GBA one, but it is also easier.

    Didn't have any particular mindset while playing, but I sure as well wished some maps would let me bring more cards to explore each area. That you need to memorize certain battles to do everything correctly was bit of a pain more often than not.
  3. Izayoi
    2012-12-27 06:00
    It been a while ago but I felt like the game was getting repetitive with clicking the same key and hoping your soldiers win/out last. I was pretty confused about the whole game mechanics . What was your mindset when you played it?
  4. Daniel E.
    2012-12-25 11:25
    Daniel E.
    Been a while Izayoi!

    What exactly are you having problems with?
  5. Izayoi
    2012-12-25 03:34
    I tried to play Yggdra Union because of your sig and avatar long ago but I didn't get it. Help!
  6. Daniel E.
    2008-08-15 22:22
    Daniel E.
    Saw the post were you requested a change in your username to Izayoi.

    Good thing I always keep track of that thread.
  7. Izayoi
    2008-06-17 14:49
    The guestbook system has allow me to more efficiently spam around the corner. 999 views.....
  8. Daniel E.
    2008-06-11 00:39
    Daniel E.
    Still a while for that, I am afraid.
  9. Izayoi
    2008-06-11 00:00
    Can't wait for ⑨⑨⑨
  10. Izayoi
    2008-05-26 08:54
    Render is basically anything that is etched out in internet slang. So I guess traces can be consider renders. But the proper theme for render origin from 3D arts, usually the process of making it look 3 dimensional. Like if you were to click "render" in any 3D program, it would mean to see the final version with all the shading and texture add in. Well, as for my reply; I will gladly join if I figure out how to work this thing.

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