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Conversation Between khryoleoz and Gooral
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  1. khryoleoz
    2010-08-28 03:40
    Tell me about these new cats. Since they started engaging the threads, I just didn't feel like retreading ground that you, chibamonster, tempest35, Fenrir, AhnMihn, and myself already covered back in the day when our debates were every bit as heated yet I have to admit were some of the most challenging tasks of thought processing I've every done.
  2. Gooral
    2010-08-27 23:53
    I'm not as interested in Claymore as I was before either (I even removed it from favorites and lowered score I've given by two points on MAL). The best moments of Claymore are unfortunately behind us and I doubt it will change (maybe near the end, although somehow I feel I won't be satisfied with ending, e.g. with Priscilla living happily ever after which is quite possible). I've found great replacement though - Vinland Saga. Check it out when you have time (unless you already know it).
    As for defending Teresa - it's my obligation to tell the truth . Seriously though, there are so many irrefutable arguments that I can't believe Ryus, SS and some others are still saying the same thing...
  3. khryoleoz
    2010-08-27 17:50
    I follow threads when I can but I'm having some real problems with the series for a while that I really haven't had much interest in engaging about it. Good to see that you keep up with the vital task of conducting Teresa apologetics.
  4. Gooral
    2010-08-27 16:59
    Good to see you back khryoleoz .

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