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Conversation Between Siphine and xSNOWx
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  1. Siphine
    2012-11-08 08:03
    Yeah, well only Ringo really found out but still she gave herself away XD
  2. xSNOWx
    2012-11-08 01:37
    i loved the end of that episode where she tries to convince everyone she doesn't remember anything then screws her self over
  3. Siphine
    2012-11-06 20:01
    Yeah she is the ultimate tsundere XD on episode 8 I really liked the episode she had amnesia
  4. xSNOWx
    2012-11-06 01:35
    yea i would love for it to have a second season but i doubt it will. But ookami is one of my favorite tsunderes
  5. Siphine
    2012-11-05 08:32
    Ok I watched the first episode and that day i had a pretty crappy day up to that point and I watched it and was laughing pretty much the whole episode so i give it a 9.5/10 after watching only 2 episodes :P (-.5 because its only 12 episodes)
  6. Siphine
    2012-11-04 21:39
    next on my list
  7. xSNOWx
    2012-11-02 23:22
    have you seen any of Ookami-san yet?

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