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Conversation Between Paladinoras and Knightrunner
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  1. Knightrunner
    2010-03-06 13:53
    That is okay I just like to introduce the abridge series that i thought did a better job than most other code geass abridge series.
  2. Paladinoras
    2010-03-04 10:44
    Sorry for the really slow reply, been busy to look at AS lately.

    Well, it's pretty interesting, but I haven't watched it completely. Been too preoccupied. Looks promising though, thanks
  3. Knightrunner
    2010-02-17 19:50
    What do you think about Code Geass Twist?
  4. Knightrunner
    2010-02-14 18:54
    Cool then tell me what you think? Code geass twist
  5. Paladinoras
    2010-02-14 10:38
    Paladinoras first move in chess would be to open up a path for the Queen to move around, so prolly move some pawns around.

    And sure, I don't mind watching that, thanks.
  6. Knightrunner
    2010-02-13 03:06
    Cool. I'm glad you like the AMV. I almost forgot I sent you a link about it. If you are interested I found a funny Codes Parady called Code Geass Twist. I can send you the link if you want to watch it.
  7. Knightrunner
    2010-02-13 03:04
    What would be your first move in chess and why?
  8. Paladinoras
    2010-02-13 02:56
    Sorry for the slow reply.'s pretty damn good. One of the best I have seen so far.
  9. Knightrunner
    2010-02-08 23:18
    What do you think about the AMV?
  10. Paladinoras
    2010-02-07 03:37
    Occasionally I do...well, can't hurt to check it out. Thanks

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