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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and SleepingTerror
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2018-12-31 08:58
  2. Liddo-kun
    2018-12-26 10:33
    Merry Christmas. :3

  3. SleepingTerror
    2018-11-17 19:31
    I love it! Beautiful melody and voice. Also the genre of music is right up my alley. Will definitely listen to more of her works.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2018-11-11 04:43
    sharing this song by Rachie. She sounds like a voice dubber. I'm a fan. :3
  5. SleepingTerror
    2018-11-01 18:22

    Happy (belated) Halloween! I'm going to Walmart later this evening to buy the half-priced Halloween candy... Yay me x.x

    And thank you for that information. Fortunately in the US (in my region, at least) those kinds of diseases aren't an issue... Though in the beginning of this year, I had strep throat which worsened into a paraphyrangeal abscess and I had to take antibiotics for several months... There was talk of having it surgically removed but thankfully the antibiotics took care of it.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2018-10-31 22:09
    Happy Halloween.

  7. Liddo-kun
    2018-10-16 05:33
    Yeah, fish are surprsingly sociable as long as they know you are not a threat. They would crowd near the wall of the tank when they see me in the morning. And would have probably swarmed around me if the entire house was submerged in water.. ^__^ our cats won't like that of course. xD Fish can remember feeding times if you feed them at almost the same time each day.


    About dengue fever, it's a dangerous disease that can be lethal. That day, the doctors already sent my cousin home, they thought she is cured. That night she ate spaghetti. Midnight that day.. she vomitted blood until she died.. doctors did not realize that the dengue virus is still active.

    For some months after that our entire family is on edge.. anyone who got fever for whatever reason is taken for blood tests right away to check for dengue. Places with stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed are eliminated... like empty flower pots, tins, and sadly including our fishpond - can't argue with my parents that time because the death of my cousin scared them.
  8. SleepingTerror
    2018-10-15 21:13
    Oh yeah, no problem
    I rarely use forums anymore to discuss anime (while some discussion I've enjoyed, it can get too toxic, myself included). But chatting with certain people can be enjoyable time to time ^^

    And that's nice! Well, not the disease part, damn
    But I had no idea fish could be that interactive.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2018-10-13 17:55
    Oh, and thank you for joining our little forum. Had to say though... we are almost dead - we were really active from 2008 to around 2014. After that active members slowly started declining, until only me and Chiibi were left. She's my friend for years. I just use the forum now as a blog for re-posting convention reports.

    I guess with the rise of social networking sites like facebook and twitter, small forums like ours would quiet down. Only large forums like Animesuki can still surivive. @_@
  10. Liddo-kun
    2018-10-13 06:27
    Yes, it's worth it. Watching them removes my stress. Fish are actually my very first hobby. If you are nice to them, the fish will come near you when you approach their tank in the morning. ^^

    At it's peak we had 10 aquariums active and 1 fish pond. Today, we only have 5 active.. . and sadly, the fishpond had to be filled with soil after transferring the fish.. for fear of dengue carrying mosquitoes - one of my cousins died from that disease.

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