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Conversation Between wuhugm and Rasty
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  1. Rasty
    2018-12-23 15:22
    I seriously hope to find another one like that, but those that take the world so seriously usually have no romance, not even speaking about several females and thus for me lose at least 50% of their appeal.
  2. wuhugm
    2018-12-18 20:20
    Age of Adept
  3. Rasty
    2016-07-17 19:06
    Aaaah, I've completely forgotten about the two. Yeah, Kurumi is good, Origami is nice Yandere, but lacks a bit of personality.
  4. wuhugm
    2016-07-16 12:15
    Kurumi and Origami are much more interesting than Touka the mentally child girl
  5. Rasty
    2016-07-16 11:47
    Yeah, I did not see the notice.

    But I don't rememebr any heroine more interesting than Touka. The rain girl was plain and the twins could not make it higher than for side heroines. The singer was boring and I stopped reading after her arc, because I seriously don't like the "lets transform into you and destroy your life" if it is done on MC (I don't mind if it is the other way around).
    Not saying that Touka was good, but the others were no better.
  6. wuhugm
    2016-07-16 11:42
    Dude, did you just now check your VM lol~

    Also you were the one who said Date A Live doesn't make any sense

    Well, Touka is the main heroine so it's crap though
  7. Rasty
    2016-07-16 00:09
    It however never makes sense. Even if it was Data Alive, that would just say, that it is the "Date" that is "Alive", well the way it is it is even better, it is saying, that he is "dating" with "a live", interesting partner .
  8. wuhugm
    2016-07-09 03:49
    It's a typo. More like engrish.

    It should be Date Alive.

    The initial premise is about MC "dating" the spirits so they don't go berserk in order to stay "Alive"
  9. Rasty
    2016-06-03 10:11
    I saw. The cover is unexpected.
  10. wuhugm
    2016-06-02 08:57
    Kuro no Shoukanshi publicized

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