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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. stray
    2022-09-27 19:21
    Oh wow, the US doesn't change to winter time until the beginning of November. Probably because Halloween has become the big holiday here.

    I'm kind of pleasantly shocked the Eagles are doing so well. It remains to be seen if they can keep up their momentum and hopefully avoid any freak injuries when the play in NYC, but I never really expected this. Their schedule isn't that challenging either so playoff seeding should be solid.

    Josh McDaniels is garbage; he sucked in Denver, he flaked on the Colts, and now he's sucking with the Raiders. I think its kind of obvious now that Brady was the one making everyone look good within the Patriots organization.I guess Belichick could turn things around there but it remains to be seen if Mac Jones needs surgery.
  2. Last Sinner
    2022-09-27 10:23
    Last Sinner
    So, only one of two teams to be 3-0. Looking good. Hope it keeps up. Buffalo-Miami was the wild game of the week. Atlanta-Seattle the unexpected pleasant one. Most of the rest were very turnover heavy. Vegas 0-3 and probably wishing they hadn't given up last season's coach for McDaniels.

    Daylight saving starts here this long weekend. Looking forward to the mid afternoon games being on at 6.30am my time. Might be able to start getting up and watch some before work starts.

    Anime catch up this weekend. Got heavily sidetracked by a final grind in Hades (completed the Codex and the Unseen One) the weekend that was.
  3. stray
    2022-09-20 11:21
    Eagles look better than I honestly expected, and the Bills look like the team to beat this year. It really was a weird weekend otherwise though. Kyler Murray's 30 second scramble was sort of ridiculous and I guess SF looks the same as last year with Jimmy G back. Bengals appear to have a Super Bowl hangover and an offensive line that isn't coming together, and I guess Brady is going to be fined if he smashes any more Surface tablets. Colts look so, so bad right now. And I don't think the Bucs have any receivers to play next week with Evans suspended and almost everyone else injured.

    Did you watch Cyberpunk Edgerunners yet? I wasn't sure how to feel about it but liked it quite a bit, Rebecca is undoubtedly best girl. I haven't really kept up with Summertime Rendering anime though, I'll probably marathon it when it ends. The physical manga release got pushed back to December which kinda sucks.
  4. Last Sinner
    2022-09-19 22:44
    Last Sinner
    Bills smashing Titans and Eagles beating Vikings. Back to the norm.
  5. Last Sinner
    2022-09-19 09:49
    Last Sinner
    What an utterly bonkers day...

    Jags shutout the Colts
    Jets score 14 in the last 2 minutes to steal it from the Browns
    Saints turn it over 5 times in the 2nd half to gift the Bucs a win
    Miami goes gangbusters in the 4th quarter to surge past Baltimore
    Rams almost blew a 28-3 lead to the Falcons
    Denver barely won against Houston
    Bengals lost to a Dak-less Dallas and Burrow got sacked to heck again
    Vegas gave up a 20-0 half time lead to lose to Arizona in OT
    Carolina fumbles twice in the first six mins to give the Giants just enough of an edge
    New England beats Pittsburgh off of two plays - the jump ball and dropped punt return
    Detroit played well and were fun to watch against Washington
    49ers lost Lance for the year to an ankle fracture but Jimmy G had them coast past Seattle who only managed a blocked field goal return
    Packers smashing the Bears aka Rodgers still owning the Bears was the only sane game today

    Just yikes...

    I wasn't impressed by Drifting Home. However, Summertime Rendering is still on course for greatness.
  6. Last Sinner
    2022-09-16 08:52
    Last Sinner
    Harley Quinn S3 has finished. To my pleasant surprise, it had a twist that has justified S4. Along with some very canon-breaking stuff this season that went down fine.

    Chiefs-Chargers was an intriguing game. Close most of the night, then after the Chargers had dropped 3 interceptions, the Chiefs get a pick 6 off a 99 yard INT. Titans may be in real trouble in 2 weeks. Bills this week (I know they won last season but...I don't see them having the offense this time now that your Eagles have AJ Brown) and the Raiders the week after (they're not stellar but they have Adams and some heart). AFC South could be a really, really ugly division this year. Kind of like the infamous Tank Division that was the NFC East a few years back when Washington got through on 7 wins.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-09-12 23:22
    Last Sinner
    And arguably until Thanksgiving for everything to make relative sense. Cowboys let a lot of talent go and did little to replace it. I'm mystified that Denver lost to Seattle somehow today, hope highlights explain it.
  8. stray
    2022-09-12 16:18
    Yeah the NFL is one of the few sports where anything and everything can happen on Sunday and fortunes can change really, really quickly. Honestly nobody really looked that good yesterday aside from Josh Allen and the Bills. It usually takes until week 4 or so for things to really shake out.

    In fairness to the Cowboys though they didn't show up for the entire game before Dak went out (with like 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter) so I'm not sure how they're going to fare in 8 weeks when he's back. Eagles seem to be the favorite in their division now which I'm okay with. I'd imagine this has to be grandpa Brady's final season too but I guess anything is possible. Making all us other 40somethings look bad.
  9. Last Sinner
    2022-09-12 06:23
    Last Sinner
    Starting a mini-marathon of NFL highlights for the opening week. Eagles held on against the Lions. I daresay trading for AJ Brown was the right move. Looks like the Cowboys are sunk already with Prescott being injured for at least a month. Very wild opening day. This is why I wasn't in any pick-ems or fantasy leagues. These results would make my head implode otherwise.
  10. Last Sinner
    2022-09-06 09:57
    Last Sinner
    I am able to play the patience game with Atlus. They will never release a completed game initially and tack on the full version a couple of years later for a double-dip at full-priced games. Square Enix doing a triple dip with Final Fantasy 7 Remastered is also very extreme.

    NFL season just 2 days and a few hours away. Thankfully my new schedule means I am WFH on NFL Game Days, so I can have games on in the background while working (Sunday game days are like 2.30am, 5.30am, 10am starts (forward one hour in 4 weeks once daylight saving starts). Main hopes for the season are 49ers to do well, Eagles to remain relevant, Lions and Jets to improve, Wilson to revive Denver, Bengals - Bills as AFC Championship Game.

    A very major changeup in my life is occurring. I am in the process of applying for a mortgage loan now that I've been in stable work. Public service jobs tend to be very secure and I did save a lot over the last 18 months, so it looks like it will likely be secured around November. And then it's mortgage payments into my early-mid 50s. But compared to people paying way bigger loans that I will, mine is a realistic grind and nowhere near a burden the majority of people incur.

    Which is why I'm glad I secured games, manga and anime on significant discounts big-time this year. I will be entertained long-term.

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