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Conversation Between wingdarkness and Naive
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  1. Naive
    2012-11-03 13:41
    Hello, how are you?
  2. Naive
    2010-07-09 02:01
    Well you have a couple days to learn who these guys are. :>

    Also Lebron James can die. That is all.
  3. Naive
    2010-07-08 14:08
    Isn't Ronaldo in Portugal

    Spain has Villa, Torres, Alonso, Ramos, Puyol
  4. Naive
    2010-07-08 00:31
    Just thought I'd throw that out there xD

    Spain won, Paul the Octopus was right
  5. Naive
    2010-07-02 00:07
    I'm an Argentina and Spain fan mostly. I hate Brazil and Germany. Chile was great, I remember reading a story how they carried the flag from that terrible earthquake with them to inspire their players. ;_;

    Also, how many marriage proposals have you received from this forum? Xd
  6. Naive
    2010-07-01 01:32
    Do you like any other sports besides football? :O
  7. Naive
    2010-05-16 01:43
    keep on swinging
  8. Naive
    2009-08-01 20:40
    You are my hero!
  9. Naive
    2008-10-27 23:39
    Thanks wingdarkness dude
  10. Naive
    2008-10-21 22:43
    I want to be friends. I hate Lacus and I love Fllay.

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