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Conversation Between Ray and Zefyris
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  1. Zefyris
    2018-04-27 19:59
    Unfortunately 25 months already, so quite a bit higher than 16. I really hope it won't be long now, I'm worried about the sales after such a long wait, peoples just forget to check.
    We got something similar with Baccano! between the second to last and the last currently published book, with a bit more than 2 years, and I don't thin k the sales were any good (well, baccano never sold well anyway). Difference is rokka still probably has more volume to go than baccano, so you don't want to delay that for too long...
    Volume 5 should logically be released mid August.

    If you look at the "about" part of the profile here :
    you can have (almost, since there's one or two series I have yet to put there) the full list (hit the arrow, then hit the spoiler buttong if you want everything).
    To answer directly, right now the novel I'm the most enthusiast about every times a new volume is released is Honzuki no gekokujou. I'm a big fan and every times I finish a volume I can't wait for the next one. Luckily, there's one new every 3 months so the wait isn't so long.
  2. Ray
    2018-04-27 13:22
    Yeah.. that'd be way too long, haha.

    16 months, huh. What are we what now, 18-20 months?

    Oh, after a quick google search I see that Yen Press are Yen On! That makes everything a great deal simpler. 4 months for a volume is a pretty good pace, to be honest! I think I'll order the first 4 volumes sometime over summer.. so hopefully volume 5 will be out around then so I can just binge the first 5, haha..

    Thank you so much for your answers, though! I greatly appreciate it!

    On a somewhat unrelated note, are there any other L/N or even novel series you follow that you're a big fan of?
  3. Zefyris
    2018-04-24 15:26
    ahah yes, I definitely don't want to wait till 2019 for the next volume.
    IIRC, 16 months was the longest till now.
    AFAIk, yen press has 4 volumes translated, but translates a new one every 4 months or something like that, so since the volume 4 was this month, volume 6 will be out by the end of this year. So except if the author releases the seventh volume, yen press will have caught up this year.
    Amateur translation never translated volume 6 AFAIK, yes.
  4. Ray
    2018-04-23 19:29
    Mhmm, yeah, what you say is definitely true! I hope all is well with the author, then.. I hope we see a new volume sometime this year!

    Ah yeah, I saw some posts in the RnK L/N thread talking about how there have been 12-16 month gaps between some releases?

    I see! That's quite exciting for me because I'm a big fan of budding/full blown romances done well and I really like how it was handled in the anime adaptation! I think I'd like to pick up ENG/translated L/Ns. I saw Yen Press picked it up a while back.. but I imagine it'll be a while before everything is fully translated? But when I looked on Amazon, I found English versions that were published by Yen On which covered volumes 1 through 5. That's as far as fan translations seem to go as well, I think?

    If the massive spoiler you're referring to is what was revealed towards the end of the latest volume, then yeah, I've heard of it.. if only briefly, haha.
  5. Zefyris
    2018-04-23 18:10
    That's legitimate concern since it's been a long time since the last volume, although I don't see why it would be cancelled, except if the author himself doesn't want to continue, or that something happened in the author's life that pushes him to give up on writing for some reason. For the later, we would have probably heard something from the publisher already, so I don't think that's it.
    That author's schedule has always been quite erratic AFAIK, so while he never had such a long time in between two novels before, it's not like we haven't seen any author taking longer break than that and coming back.
    Well every volumes kind of end on a cliffhanger in this series, so as long as it's not finished it would definitely stop on a cliffhanger, yeah x).
    Of course it gets more attention, since that relationship is tied to their past as well, it gets automatically developed every times there's something about their past. Add to that other happening and yes, definitely. Especially in volume 4,5 and 6.
    The most important part is a massive spoiler though.
  6. Ray
    2018-04-23 17:21
    Hi! Sorry for my delayed response, work/uni got a bit out of control.

    But yeah, that's completely fine. I liked that aspect of the anime, actually! And while it wasn't the greatest anime adaptation, it was something I got super invested in. One of my main questions being.. do you think the L/Ns are in danger of being dropped/discontinued? I noticed the L/N thread has had some activity since my the last time I dropped by here but it's been an oddly long period since we've had an update, right? I'm just a bit.. worried since the series ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, haha..

    And while I did hear exactly on what kind of note the latest volume ended at, I pretty much don't know anything else about the L/Ns.. As such, I was wondering if Adlet and Flamie's "situation" and/or "relationship" gets any more attention after where the anime left off? That was legit one of my favourite parts of the show!
  7. Zefyris
    2018-01-13 06:30
    Hello, i'm always happy to discuss about what I like, but be aware that I dislike being asked about big spoilers, especially when it's in a story where the author leads the reader by the nose all the time.
    So it depends of your questions, I guess . Ask anyway, and I'll tell you :]
  8. Ray
    2018-01-09 17:18
    Hi! I noticed you seemed quite knowledgeable in your posts in the Rokka no Yuusha thread (the L/N one). As such, I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer a few questions I have about the series?

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