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Conversation Between Kazu-kun and Triple_R
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  1. Kazu-kun
    2016-01-01 20:48
    Happy Holidays for you too.
  2. Triple_R
    2015-12-24 18:45
  3. Kazu-kun
    2015-05-28 22:39
    No I can't do that. I don't want to jinx it. lol

    And I don't want to get over-hyped about them either.
  4. Triple_R
    2015-05-28 20:56
    Given how much you like Hibike's latest episode, why not get a gif avatar made of the Reina finger-to-the-lips move, and make it a new AS avatar?

    Nothing wrong with your current avatar, but change can be nice every now and then, especially for something new that you love.

    Just an idea.
  5. Kazu-kun
    2015-05-26 21:14
    I don't want to think of them as a "pairing". I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up. It's so freaking hard when they come up with episodes like this. lol
  6. Triple_R
    2015-05-26 20:25
    I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but I thought you might like a certain pairing name I came up with.

    "KumiRein". It sounds very nice to me when I say it. Rolls off the tongue like, well, delicious rain.
  7. Triple_R
    2015-04-21 23:57
    Thanks for addressing my Madoka Magica comparison on the Sound! Euphonium series thread. Interesting take on Homura.
  8. Triple_R
    2015-04-16 08:54
    Have you seen Houkago No Pleiades yet? I'd be curious in getting your take on it.
  9. Kazu-kun
    2015-04-14 18:19
    It's not tenacity, it's just being stubborn. I guess I still have some growing up to do despite my age.
  10. Triple_R
    2015-04-14 18:12
    You, Thess, and MartianMage are the most persistent debate opponents I've had here on Anime Suki. I tip my hat to your sheer tenacity, Kazu-kun.

    However, I have to admit I'm tiring a bit of our debate. So the next time I post on the Madoka Magica Movie 3 thread, I might not reply to you. If I don't reply to you, please don't take it personally.

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