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Conversation Between Kusaja and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-10 09:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I think they are more going with that he is dead, but since it is open I suppose that is true.

    Well, that's good. I'm just fine with that.

    Well, that's about the only time I think he could have used it now. We may never know though.

    It could give us both a better sense of their character as well as answering some questions here and there.

    True, I know. I suppose that is true though V Gundam may be one of the most depressing series out there. Oh, their clothing is completely ridiculous. I wonder if we'll ever see him pilot anything since it seems that from the extra materials, he was the pilot of 0 Gundam. I haven't heard anything. Who is that? And yeah, I could see Ali doing something like that at least.

    Oh, neither will I. Just have to wonder who will do it.

    Well, I expect him to be similar in some ways and different in others. He's smoking for one which is certainly different. It's an odd thing to happen.
  2. Kusaja
    2008-10-10 01:07
    Hey, that's a perfectly valid interpretation, considering the magazine staff doesn't know any better either.

    Yes, that's what I saw later. In other words...whatever else happens, we're back to making up our own interpretations.

    I'd have liked to see that too, in any case. He could have used the name during one of their private moments within the two month gap, who knows.

    I'm hoping for at least one Marianne/Charles/V.V./C.C. Picture may not fill all the holes, but hopefully something like that does help straighten things out a bit.

    Everyone knows about Ideon...without even watching it. He must have felt things went a little too far with that one, since he showed a bit more restraint even in later shows with high death counts, like Z Gundam or V Gundam. Yup, agreed. I can't get over their ridiculous choice of clothing either. Which reminds me...Tohru Furuya (Amuro Ray's VA) is also voicing Casshern this season, in a pretty different role, if you've heard about that. I guess that's one way Louise's situation could go, but we'll see. If that damned Ali doesn't remember, we'll get one of those "Oh, did I kill her? I've killed so many people that one more is...." scenes...after which I expect somebody to kick his ass or shut him up.

    Maybe, but I won't complain as long as he doesn't die happy.

    Lyle is nothing right now, but the next episode will have to show us if he's simply a replacement for his brother or not. He could at least be slightly different, but it's hard to develop him into a truly different person, without a big twist or something, seeing he has the same VA and character design.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 22:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, she confirmed that. And if I wanted to, I could make the poem mean to me that he could be alive even if I know that probably wasn't the intention.

    Koshimizu seemed to confirm it is indeed up to us and that they left enough for either party to come up with something.

    Yeah, but I would like to have seen Lelouch use it in the show towards her, but that seems doubtful.

    There are lots of gaps of course and I would love more info on her relationship with Marianne or even just Marianne and Charles. Some more info on that would be great.

    Oh, I agree. Just look at Ideon for the ultimate example. I still find it hilarious that he even was surprised that he could write something so depressing. I think a lot of people thought of Spike when Lockon's death scene occurred, but it suits Lockon even without being some sort of homage. I find it hilarious he is voiced by Amuro Ray, but yeah he is very creepy and his little helpers with their ridiculous names don't help. I'm thinking that too, but it depends on how things go with her. Hopefully he'll grow from it all though. I can see why you could forget about her. I think Ali is enough of a bastard though that he might actually forget killing her.

    He'll probably get some quick death or something. I think pretty much everyone wants him to die.

    I'm worried about Lyle though since he is basically the newest key character now and I worry about his development when this show doesn't exactly focus on that much in the first place.
  4. Kusaja
    2008-10-09 21:32
    The message isn't canon or from the staff, as I think Koshimizu cleared up earlier today or yesterday...if you meant that poem which seemed to be talking about a dead Lelouch.

    I'm fine with that as well.

    Using it again would just be useful if he revealed it to the audience, I'd think.

    Come to think of it, there are several gaps in C.C.'s chronology that we haven't heard much about. For example, like you mentioned, the time when she was the leader of the Cult...but also how she met Marianne, Charles and V.V. I could see something like that.

    In recent years, Tomino has become "happier" and this has led to changes in his works, but all his classic series tend to have a tragic or sad ending in a way, some more than others. It's probably in part a reference to Spike's end, if you think about it...but even if it weren't, the scene was nice. Ribbons just creeps me out to no end, and this strange ability of his which lets him "see" through Louise makes it even worse. I'm thinking that Louise could end up trying to form a relationship with someone else, not Saji, considering the opening sequence...but I'm not sure if it will last. He'll have his fair share of surprises early on, no doubt. I can't believe I almost forgot about Saji's sister, but yes...that's also something he should find out. That guy loves to brag, so maybe he will indeed reveal it.

    He's the kind of villain who is interesting to watch, I accept that, but at the same time I can't help but wish he's pierced with a thousand deadly needles. Preferably slowly and painfully, that's how someone like Ali should die.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-08 21:45
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose I should know that by now. The artwork itself isn't depressing though and I actually quite like the image. It's that message attached to it.

    I know it is and that it may be up to us to decide which I am just fine with that.

    I would think so. He hasn't used it since that one time though.

    As would I since we might get a bit more insight as to what exactly her feelings on several matters were. For instance, maybe one of her time when she was head of the Geass Cult since she seemed to be remembered fondly there. And if there was one with Moe C.C., maybe they could deal with both how she is acting and how C.C. was acting in the World of C.

    Well, it starts off similar as you said but goes into its own later on. Would that exactly be a bad thing now since Tomino isn't exactly like he was in the past? There were indeed several here and there, but he managed some rather nice and sad moments as well like Lockon's (I think of Spike whenever I see it) and others. I'd be more worried about her as well since she seems tied up with Ribbons which can't be a good thing. I think Saji is in a good opportunity to grow now and I rather hope moments like the one with him freaking out in episode 1 are gone. And he needs to learn that Ali killed his sister, though I'm not sure how he would find that out except from Ali himself.

    I know someone with a pure pathological hatred for him. I would have to agree with hating the guy though, but you can't deny he fufills his role as an antagonist perfectly. The thing about him dying though is this: What sort of death wouldn't feel like it wasn't enough after all he did?
  6. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 21:27
    You know magazine artwork doesn't have a profound meaning, beyond what you put into it. If that were the case...try to look at many other examples and see how well they work out.

    That's an ongoing argument in its own right, lots of posts have discussed it...but again, the point is yes, you're free to interpret Taniguchi's words and the actual show. Hey, if that's fine for you, I see no problem with it.

    Even then, Lelouch would probably only use C.C.'s name in private...

    Going back to something else...

    I'd like to see a Picture Drama from C.C.'s perspective and learn about her thoughts too, especially now that the main story is done...but the slave girl, some comedic moments aside, wouldn't give us nearly the same amount of depth, though I wouldn't complain if we get some of that duality as a bonus.

    I remember that about SEED, and to a certain point it does follow the original Gundam, but then it heads in its own direction. Well, Mizushima isn't Tomino (thankfully, in this case ), but he has directed his fair share or angsty moments, even in the first season of 00 (quite a few, all in all). I'm especially worried about Louise, more than Saji...the way things are going, she's going to suffer OR will become an angry..."person". I'd think Saji will have to mature and learn that the one who killed Louise's family wasn't any of the main Meisters, just that freak Nena.

    Part of the audience seems to have a strange fascination with Ali, but I've always hated that guy...he can't die soon or painfully enough, IMHO, so hopefully he angers enough characters and receives the appropriate payback.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-08 17:08
    Dann of Thursday
    That one pic of Lelouch laying on C.C.'s lap with that sad message doesn't help either really.

    I don't quite see how Lelouch dying really suits those themes since I can see ways him living can fufill the themes of this show just as much as him dying can. I know Taniguchi has expressed what he wants to show at certain points back in season 1 and I see ways him dying and living fufill them just fine no matter which it is.

    I've considered the latter since I think that she considers such a thing important and would rather only someone like Lelouch know such a thing.
  8. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 16:36
    I guess so.

    In my 100% made-up scenario, you could say they wanted to emphasize different things: perhaps Okouchi wanted to focus on the themes, and wrote the story accordingly, while Taniguchi wanted something else. Both of them are credited as the "original creators" so it's a joint effort. That's why his position is also important.

    Either it will be revealed much later on, or he wants to leave it a secret. C.C. would keep the name to herself even if she was together with Lelouch, I'd imagine, because it's something she cares too much about if you recall her reaction.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-08 16:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, but the worry is only going to increase along with the paranoia.

    Wouldn't that mean they wanted him to die in the first place? Or that perhaps each had a different desire? I know Taniguchi was very fond of Lelouch and also has never killed off his protagonists as well, which is why I would be somewhat surprised if they go and confirm him as dead. Didn't Taniguchi come up with this entire series along with Okouchi? It seems more his style to let us choose for ourselves.

    Something I am curious about is why he hasn't allowed Yukana to reveal C.C.'s name. Yukana's one comment about that worries me since she seems to be saying Lelouch is dead and she is waiting for someone else unless I read that wrong.
  10. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 16:23
    Then all you can do is wait.

    It's hard to say. But, to throw out some speculation (so don't take it too seriously) may be that Okouchi, for example, wrote the script thinking of Lelouch's death, but Taniguchi decided to introduce some elements that allow doubt. The final result is a combination of the two. The Director is also an active part of the production, and his intent would also be important, so if he wants the audience to think for themselves, that is a valid option (to doubt Lelouch's death). You can certainly do that.

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