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Conversation Between Kusaja and Ring
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  1. Ring
    2008-10-11 18:49
    Yep, a few days ago.

    I agree with you, but who knows what they think about it. Hopefully it'll be picked up eventually.

    Agreed again. True, it'll be a gradual process, but I bet he'll come to an understanding since the Celestial Being are essentially the good guys in this story.

    Perhaps a select number of pilots is possible unless Louise was the only one applicable for this. I wonder what convinced her to join if she's suffering from trauma and also possibly accepting modifications to her body. Hahah, the sinister type of fabulous.

    What shows are you planning to follow this season?
  2. Kusaja
    2008-10-07 22:14
    I suppose you saw what Taniguchi said about the ending, no? That should calm tensions a bit, hopefully.

    I never watched Lucky Star, curiously...but it would be a better business plan, from my profound ignorance, if they did one season of FMP (or something else) between each Haruhi or Key visual novel adaptation. That way, everyone would be happy, no? Oh well...I just hope they don't forget and eventually do come back to what they've left half-done (or less).

    Yes...although I would have preferred if they were called "Arrows" and not "A-Laws". Less Engrish. If Saji joins Celestial Being that would definitely make him "look at the world" in a different way, but I don't think his animosity will disappear too quickly.

    I'm wondering if Ribbons is doing that just to Louise, which would be a large coincidence, or with a select number of pilots. The medication may be a result of her trauma from the time her family was killed...but the glowing eyes could be artificial (nanomachines?), if not supernatural. Ribbons as a whole is still too mysterious...and creepy. He's the "wrong" kind of fabulous, after all.
  3. Ring
    2008-10-07 18:58
    That wouldn't be so bad since we're limited on specific topics now that the series is over. We're also left to interpret the ending with our imaginations.

    That's true. Key's works uses a similar format each time, just a different story. I wish they wouldn't continue on delaying picking up the series. Choosing to make Lucky Star instead of FMP made me... I guess this is their target audience when you look at the Key shows, Haruhi, and Lucky Star?

    Ah, like the Titans and A-Laws. Saji hasn't changed since the time skip, but perhaps it will finally change seeing as how Tieria told him to look at the world with his own eyes. I wonder what did Ribbons do to Louise. Her eyes were glowing when she saw Exia and now she needs medication?
  4. Kusaja
    2008-10-06 13:37

    That would be quite interesting, you know, but then we'll have people talking about which of the alternate scenarios was "better"...obviously according to their pairing preferences. But at least that would be interesting to watch.

    I will finish it, now that I have less shows to keep track of. I'm not a huge fan of Clannad either, but it's alright...I guess there's only so many ways to tell a story with some of the same elements though, these are all Key's works in the end. The next Haruhi would be something of a change of pace, but then again it's still strange to see it being delayed. I'm not too up to date, but it also looks like the FMP novels are going to finish soon (if they haven't already, I don't know), so I suppose that should increase the anticipation for a new animated adaptation.

    Yes, Gundam 00 started quite well. A lot of action and...well, Zeta Gundam vibes. Saji is mostly the same (as is Setsuna, on the surface), yet I feel sorry for Louise...maybe she'll have to suffer a lot before she can either recover, but that's not a guarantee that both of them will end up together, at least not until the very end of the show. Lots of tension and angst is coming up, definitely.
  5. Ring
    2008-10-05 20:43
    Maybe most people don't realize it's out?

    Yes, they left the shipping war inconclusive so both sides can just keep tormenting each other. Hm, maybe if they are eventually going to talk about alternate scenarios that were dropped in favor of others, this might pop up then.

    You should finish it then. I had plenty of laughs watching it. Clannad was average to me after all the hype it received compared to Kyo's remake of Kanon. People who played the game said After Story is going to contain the best elements of the story though. I'll keep it tabbed, but I don't think I'll follow it week by week. I think Haruhi is going to come after this? Yet another delay of them possibly continuing it... If only they did more than one show at a time, but I guess it's for quality. Yep, FMP is one of my favorites.

    Gundam 00's first episode looks pretty good. There's definitely going to be angst and tension. What they did with Saji x Louise is cruel. They were too normal so they decided to 'spice' it up.
  6. Kusaja
    2008-10-03 22:00
    Everyone seems to have more or less settled down by now...thankfully.

    Come to think of it though, there's been surprisingly little talk about the second Picture Drama for R2, which came out a few days ago. Not that it tells us much about this subject, but...I'd expect more interest.

    Then perhaps you could assume that means this was all for the sake of leaving the "shipping war" without a clear victor? Yes, I know it was never an "official" piece of information, so there's no obligation for anyone to address it, but if there's an opportunity to talk about the production process for the last few episodes that would make for an interesting sidenote from the staff.

    Nodame? I've heard of that one...need to catch up and watch its first season already, which was pretty good as far as I can tell. Clannad is okay...well, I don't know, but I've always preferred the Full Metal Panic side of Kyoto Animation too, so I also hope we eventually get to see more of that instead of Key game adaptations ad infinitum. FMP usually has a good mix of comedy, drama, action and a bit of romance.
  7. Ring
    2008-10-03 01:41
    Oh, that's tough. It also took awhile for me to digest all of it, but it's pretty settled now. Yep, agreed.

    Yeah, such a long wait to see all of it. But hopefully some of them will add some missing parts and improve the epilogue.

    I agree with your assessment if that line was going to be used there. Maybe they decided to not intensify the romance plot for the finale and this changed line was part of that plan? It suits the ambiguous route. Well, this line was never suppose to be known to us in the first place , so we'll probably never know the story behind it. Just more to speculate on.

    True. For the newer series, I think I'll be picking up Nodame for laughs to balance it out. I saw that there was going to be another sequel to Clannad, but I wish they would continue the Full Metal Panic series already.
  8. Kusaja
    2008-10-01 19:44
    Oh, I felt pretty bad for the first day or two, which explains why I stopped posting. I needed to clear my head...but I'm accepting everything now. I completely agree with you, the epilogue could have been a little longer, and it makes little sense to waste a precious couple of minutes on the OP and ED credits. Unless there was some contractual obligation, but c'mon...

    At least we can look forward to the Picture Dramas...but we'll have to wait until next year to see the last one, which could improve the epilogue a little bit.

    Not me, that's for sure. You know, I have doubts, and I avoided that idea...but I've slowly come around to Koshimizu's point of view, because that's the only possible context where the original gum line makes some sense, without having to add any mysterious new scene.

    Maybe the original line would have made Kallen look too jealous and frustrated, because of how strong "aishiteru" is and all, but it would also show us a little more about her thoughts (she would be questioning C.C.'s love and why she can stay with him, because Kallen herself still loves Lelouch yet is opposing him). Perhaps the idea was to reduce any possible romantic angst and, ironically, to make Kallen look more focused on stopping Lelouch and less on her feelings. I'd like to see some confirmation of the truth, but for now that looks possible.

    I'm undecided if I'll stick around every week, but I may still watch the first episode to get a good idea of what general direction 00 is going to follow. I'll probably try to watch something else, old or new, at the same cheer me up a little. I'm sure 00 will also give us plenty of angst, so some balance is necessary.
  9. Ring
    2008-10-01 19:26
    After a few days, I feel more accepting of the ending, but still disappointed at the length of the epilogue due to time constraints. They should have skipped the OP. Using the ending credits to add more scenes would have been good too. What about you?

    Jeremiah apparently said the key words to Anya. Who would have guessed that. In the same post, Koshimizu had an opinion on Kallen's gum line in the Ep. thread.

    Are you still planning to hold off on 00 for awhile? I think I'll at least check out the first episode.
  10. Ring
    2008-09-28 04:07

    Well, that would certainly be interesting if this happens to be the case. But true, I don't think we can confirm.

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