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Conversation Between Dr. Casey and HasuMasu
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  1. HasuMasu
    2015-06-27 15:01
    Too easy ne...

    It also interested me a lot because when I do play it, it'll be the first VN I go through with what I call...gameplay mechanics.

    If screenshots are to be believed.

    Where's Rei-chan though? I tried searching for possible matches...

    EDIT: NakuKoro is so huge...and it's mostly OST and text...kinda gruelling when you think about it ne.
  2. Dr. Casey
    2015-06-27 14:56
    Dr. Casey
    There you are! I was looking at the "past 15 minutes" section, but it was easier to just look at the newest members... good to see you so active, hope it keeps up.

    That Shikkoku no Sharnoth VN someone mentioned looks nice. I like the old-timey feeling and the gray backgrounds.

    Umineko's a great read also, though it's incredibly long and the whole series can easily take 100+ hours to finish (you'll notice in my 'About Me' that Umineko covers the longest span of time by far).
  3. HasuMasu
    2015-06-27 14:29
    HasuMasu's not even a challenge for Rei-chan to figure out who I am ne.
  4. Dr. Casey
    2015-06-27 14:28
    Dr. Casey
    It's a nice little website, though I pretty much stopped visiting in March once the torrents were taken down. Are you just lurking or do you plan on registering? Let me know your username if you sign up so I can read your VN musings
  5. HasuMasu
    2015-06-27 13:07
    Fuwanovel's quite the different forum ne...being around since basically just 2013.
  6. HasuMasu
    2015-01-23 06:37
    is that really Miuna ? *shocking truth*

    nice cakes

    that's a big party
  7. Dr. Casey
    2015-01-21 10:48
    Dr. Casey
    Happy (slightly early) birthday, Hasu-chan!

    Spoiler for Waifu to honor your 18th:

    Spoiler for Birthday cakes:
  8. HasuMasu
    2015-01-09 20:27

    His joining Aogiri isn't too far-off from what has to happen, but it could go too far... want to know who Hasumi is hmm...
  9. Dr. Casey
    2015-01-09 12:18
    Dr. Casey
    I'm actually not completely sure on that, but I'm guessing that he does sink to some pretty low depths; I don't think he can be a member of Aogiri for very long unless he's willing to go along with some evil things.

    As for HasuMasu, it's a cute name...
    Kona's VM made me think, where did the name Hasumi come from? I know that Masuzu is the girl from Ore no Kanojo, but I'm not sure who Hasumi is.
  10. HasuMasu
    2015-01-09 02:58
    Does he become outright evil? Sounds...worrying...

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