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Conversation Between SonOfHeaven and Kid Ying
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  1. Kid Ying
    2010-02-07 03:12
    Kid Ying
    I think i will buy a new one when continuum shift comes out, since there's not much stuff i want to play in the next few months... Just Hokuto and GOW3. That's pretty much it.

    And for now, i'm watching Bakemonogatari. Eternally, i must say. I never seem to finish this series. I think i will look for Polimar too, because i liked Tatsunoko x Capcom so much i want to see the series.
  2. SonOfHeaven
    2010-02-05 00:20
    Well, hopefully you'll get an new PS3 soon. Which animes are you watching now?
  3. Kid Ying
    2010-02-03 21:08
    Kid Ying
    Man... No Hokuto no ken for me. My PS3 broke. It's really sad. I will not play GOW3, Hokuto... Anything. I'm fucked.

    Well, i can always buy another one... but that's not the case!
  4. Kid Ying
    2009-08-24 08:58
    Kid Ying
    No... I didn't even knew about that series. I was watching Zetsubou sensei and Haruhi... And that's it. I'm going to see this one.
  5. SonOfHeaven
    2009-08-22 23:04
    Have you been watching Bakemonogatari? Its actually pretty interesting especially its presentation.
  6. Kid Ying
    2009-08-15 18:18
    Kid Ying
    I'm not playing with anyone... Or anything right now in BB. I plan to get back someday, but for now i'm out of the hype.
  7. SonOfHeaven
    2009-08-14 16:58
    I do plan to get MvC2 when I get some extra $.

    Also my main is Taokaka now in BlazBlue. Been using her recently and she's great to me.
  8. Kid Ying
    2009-08-14 06:17
    Kid Ying
    Hey, are you going to get MvsC2?
  9. Kid Ying
    2009-08-03 02:51
    Kid Ying
    Thank you! Yeah, i'm late, but i was partying all day for two days and yesterday i slept like... 24 hours. I only got in asuki now. I really appreciate!
  10. SonOfHeaven
    2009-07-31 16:40
    Happy B-day.

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