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Conversation Between Triple_R and Requiem-x
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  1. Triple_R
    2016-10-07 12:07
    Magical Girl Raising Project is the Fall 2016 show I like the most so far. It just hits a lot of sweet spots for me right now.

    After that, in no particular order, is Flip Flappers, Matoi: The Sacred Slayer, and Hibike Season 2. All of them had very engaging opening episodes, just in different ways.

    I like Izetta's first episode, but I'll want to hear/see more of Izetta herself before I totally buy into this anime.

    Waiting to see Idol Memories subbed, and haven't seen Brave Witches yet. Also looking forward to the new WIXOSS anime.

    What Fall 2016 shows are you liking so far?
  2. Triple_R
    2016-10-07 09:59
    Go into "Your Invites" or "Social Group Invitations".

    Then click on the name of the group (it'll be underlined).

    Then scroll over directly to the right from "Social Group". It'll give you two options - Join Group and Decline Invitation. Click Join Group if you'd like to join.

    As for your Fall 2016 question, I'll get to that in a bit.
  3. Requiem-x
    2016-10-07 09:53
    I assume it was you who sent me the invite, right? Thanks.

    I don't know how to accept it , though ^^"

    Anything caught your fancy this season? There's a surprising of dark horses with potential, I'd say.
  4. Requiem-x
    2016-10-01 23:44
    Well, at least the protagonist has a good friend close to her from the beginning, so it should help with the hope part. Emphasis on should. Another thing you should keep in mind is that this way more characters than Madoka. At first I thought it was because this was a mobage adaptation, but if allthose girls were designed to be part of a story in the first place, I have to wonder how the story will handle so many.

    Fuka is a nice change of pace, a nice girl with a short fuse, a good kind of character for a sports series using martial arts. And yeah, that scene is where most of my concern comes from, like, now what? Just training for the next 10 episodes or so?

    Also, holy crap, Izetta was awesome!
  5. Triple_R
    2016-10-01 23:31
    I loved Raising Project Episode 1. But yeah, it's too bad it's not anime-original. As an LN adaptation, we're probably going to get spoiled at some point. Still, the overall tone and style of Raising Project is just marvelous to me. As long as it handles its descent into darkness with the same sort of skill that Madoka did, it should be great show for me (i.e. the situation gets a lot worst, but the core characters maintain the traits that made them likeable in the first place, and there's at least some glimmers of hope in the midst of the darkness).

    As for Vivid Strike, I agree with you on that one Rinne scene. I think it would have been better to leave her drastic character change more mysterious, at least for now. Vivid Strike will probably have a lot of good action scenes, but how well it handles characterization remains to be seen. At least Fuka is off to a good start.
  6. Requiem-x
    2016-10-01 23:11
    Count me in for raising project, though I'm a bit dissapointed its a LN adaptation, because that means spoilers will flow in the thread.

    Vivid strike I'm still a bit shaky on, though that's less because of the episode itself and more out of fear it will turn out like vivid.
  7. Requiem-x
    2016-09-27 23:48
    Thank you for for listening, or rather, reading so quickly.

    That was the moment when I decided Honoka was my favorite. On that note, I'm having a hard time deciding for a favorite in Sunshine. All signs point at Chika, but there are others who I feel do better in the pure entertainent department, as in Chika I can root for and admire, but Yoshiko is so hilarious its hard to ignore her. On the other hand, I suppose its a good thing to like multiple members instead of saying there's only one who really gets to you. Another thing to consider is that sunshine pushes OT3s so hard its difficult to like a single girl (On that note, there's already one good doujin with RIko and You drooling over Chika, and that makes me very happy)

    Haven't heard much of that one, but sure, I could give it a try. Right now, my only confirmed shows are Gundam, Brave Witches and Vivid Strike.
  8. Triple_R
    2016-09-27 23:35
    Very interesting perspective, Reqiuem-X. Thanks a lot for sharing it in detail with me.

    I also like those magical character-focused moments. I agree that the one for the 1st years in Sunshine's finale was really well-done and D'AAAWWW worthy. And yes, Honoka's very personal moment before Sunny Day Song was a special and magical moment all to itself.

    So, what Fall 2016 shows are you looking forward to? Up for more idol anime with Idol Memories?
  9. Requiem-x
    2016-09-27 23:23
    The live itself was ok (never been my favorite part of LL outside of the movie), and its not I disliked the episode, it showed very well the entire cast and their feelings (Yoshiko hugging Ruby and Maru was really sweet, and the talk between the third years was quite emotional). Really, my only issue is the recap feel I got from that part, and even with that, I didn't really hate it. It could just be like what I said about Re:zero (still haven't watched that finale, by the way), where the prior stuff was so strong that the finale feels less climatic, and like I said before, this wasn't even meant to be a finale, but a show of how far they've come, so it really isn't a climax, but its still the "finale" of this season, so it ends up coming short in the big feeling part. Also, I focus more on character specific moments than the big celebration, so the song didn't have as strong as an effect on me (for the movie, I was more moved by that final bit with Honoka by herself on the street just before Sunny Day Song than anything else).

    Maybe I'm just sad because I want more Aqours (remember, I marathoned the original, so there was no waiting time for me), and now that the drama and referencing are out of the way, they're free to go all out, and if that little performance is any indication, we could be seeing some very fun stuff later on. Oh, and I'm very glad we didn't get any last minute drama.

    About that, maybe they managed to sell it as part of the live, since it clearly wasn't improvised.
  10. Triple_R
    2016-09-27 23:03
    Hhhmmm... I actually thought Sunshine Season 1 had a pretty good finale thanks to the excellent live that followed the recap. The pros and cons of the recap kinda cancel out for me, so that final live became a nice way to end Sunshine Season 1 with a bang, in my opinion.

    My one issue with all of it is that I'd have liked this better as just a show that Aqours put on for their local community. As an official Love Live event, Aqours really should get disqualified for this, lol.

    Still, interesting hearing your take on things. And yeah, very good and satisfying finale for Ange Vierge!

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