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Conversation Between Triple_R and Requiem-x
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  1. Requiem-x
    2016-08-06 19:22
    Not really, but I'm finding sunshine to be doing some things right that I found kinda iffy in the original, but that is mostly personal taste stuff.

    I'm saying sunshine isn't crap compared to the original, not that the original is crap. If it sounds like I'm implying something else, I apologize, but with all the comparisons, using the original to analyze Sunshine's better parts is the easiest option. Honestly, the original LL is still one of my favorite idol anime (and Honoka one of the best mains), mostly because of its characters and the genuinely good humour it could pull off.

    Oh, I forgot to mention this in the thread, but I did find Chika's motivation for saving the school kinda weak compared to Honoka's. As in, she just realized all of a sudden, whereas it took Honoka some thinking to realize it wasn't something she would just allow to happen. The final part in the beach was good, though, because it showed once agan its not just the school, but the whole town that supports her and the rest of Aqours.
  2. Triple_R
    2016-08-06 19:01
    You know, I really have to ask - Have you grown to dislike the original Love Live?

    Every single week you're trashing it in comparison to Sunshine. It's really like you're going out of your way to hate on the original Love Live.
  3. Requiem-x
    2016-05-14 23:05
    So, it seems the side material for LL includes something about Kotori liking to see Umi crushed by defeat and having a self-made sad Umi doll at her bedside. This franchise can be really weird sometimes.

    Having said that, I haven't seen anything that bizarre for Aqours outside of Ruby's love for coelacanths, and I actually like that.
  4. Triple_R
    2016-03-06 02:23
    Thanks for the message you left on my wall. I'm glad you're enjoying Love Live!

    im@s isn't a bad anime show, and there's much to like about it, but yeah, I think Love Live! does a better job of fleshing out its characters and making them feel less gimmicky. I hope you also end up liking Season 2 of Love Live! as well as the LL! movie.
  5. Requiem-x
    2016-02-29 01:03
    Hey there. Thanks to the sunshine thread (and in part to your extensive analysis), I finally got around to start love live, so thanks for that. Seems like a pretty straightforward, simple show, which is not bad, and the funny bits feel more, how do I say, natural than either im@s, as in, they don't depend on character gimmicks as much. It's an interesting change of pace.

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