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Conversation Between winter45 and wingdarkness
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  1. winter45
    2012-01-05 20:10
    Jeeves... they even removed our recent posts in gundam age episode 12. I personally didnt think my post needed removing when im just pointing out not everything is all anti AGE posts.
  2. winter45
    2012-01-04 22:41
    LOL i guess i can feed u some bird seeds thru my monitor :P

    Well hopefully i can share some light to Kaioshin Sama being the 3rd party with that last post i gave in regards of you. Longshot it is, but different perspective is much more persuasive imo. But more than likely it seems his already made up his mind which is unfortunate.
  3. winter45
    2012-01-04 22:19
    Yo WD i hope u didnt take any ofence to my post in regards to AGE if im wrong with in regards to my post i would appreciate if u let me know

    Btw bud nice picture.. made me lol
  4. winter45
    2011-12-31 13:06
    Happy NEW YEAR BUD!!!!
  5. winter45
    2011-11-09 01:26
    Yo WD nice posts lately in the AGE threads nice one bud...
  6. winter45
    2011-11-01 02:25
    Nps bud... deep down your not going to submit to a level where it isnt you anyways. OR else ill be contacting the mods to silence this hijacked account imposter :P

    and saying this... more neg reps in the *why is gundam seed destiny so controversial?* thread... i must be really hated by the kira cultists....
  7. winter45
    2011-11-01 01:11
    Hey Bud long time no see

    Ahh... if your referring to gundam age episode 4 thread its unfortunate to see 2 posters i highly respect (yourself and k-soma) having a flips side coin pov's and standpoints in discussion freedom. TBH i dont know what to say for reason being both you have solid points.

    Knowing you WD for the past 4 years.. you dont post without a reason or purpose, But clearly your not happy how G-AGE is progressing at this point, which is fair enough. But your also entitled to give your reason which you have and haven't resorted to bashing like many poster in SEED threads ive been posting lately.

    just like to add (was short on time earlier) that it is quite sad seeing both of you guys at different side of the coin when both of you had similar views and understanding in other shows eg code geass and macross. which wass very enjoyable to read when both of you guys were reviewing/disecting the show in tandem while counter pointing the haters.

    Saying this, providing your not trolling, baiting or relentless bashing i really don't see a problem. Well at least this is nothing like the 4Tran days where he would drive peeps nuts with his own insertion.
  8. wingdarkness
    2011-11-01 00:15
    LOL, so what's your view of all this post police $hit?

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