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Conversation Between winter45 and aeriolewinters
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  1. winter45
    2011-12-31 13:00
    Happy New year!!!1
  2. winter45
    2011-10-20 05:01
    Considering impulse is based from strike and destiny is based off impulse... it is quite plausible that kira skills in destiny will outshine than his current suits after strike.
  3. aeriolewinters
    2011-10-19 08:25
    I'm also thinking that Kira would surpass his current self on Destiny if he was given..the Destiny itself. Just think of it, all of the toys he had using Strike, and that Godly speed of the Freedom.
  4. winter45
    2011-10-19 06:14
    That would be certainly nice for the TRUE kira fans hehe
  5. aeriolewinters
    2011-10-19 05:07
    Well let's hope the BD remake changes that, I just hope the animate new scenes with good ol' Strike.
  6. winter45
    2011-10-19 04:48
    Nps I also find that *majority* of kira fans in my RL tend to use freedom or Strikefreedom as a base to their examples or arguments. It just shows how popular those 2 Gundams are that clearly overshadows the strike for some reason.
  7. aeriolewinters
    2011-10-18 07:33
    thanks dude, I needed those people to shut up. A real Kira fan would say that he was better in Strike, and not on Freedom.
  8. winter45
    2010-04-07 02:30
    Hello aeriolewinters, thx for the friendship offer.. i do enjoy reading your posts in the gundam threads

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