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Conversation Between Arabesque and Sheba
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  1. Arabesque
    2016-07-12 07:54
    I dunno about my view as a Brit, but as someone who does love the UK and always seen the best in it despite many shortcomings, it's just incredibly sad to watch it unfold.

    In my eyes, the EU always had been, ultimately, a noble and worthy goal for Europe to try and achieve. We had 2 of the bloodiest conflicts in history occur because of major European nations going at it with each other, and even before that Europe's history is dyed with blood. Many who demonise the EU often forget that the alternative is just not great for the rest of the world.

    I'm similar to you in that I always grew up knowing the EU to be a symbol of future peace. The fact that the betterment of the nations within the EU through trades and services did in fact lead to improving their conditions over the decades speaks on how there is great merit in perusing further into the end goal of a United States of Europe or the European Federation between all of these countries.

    That's not to say that I am ignoring the very serious problems occurring in the EU right now. Yes, the bureaucracy is difficult to get through, and the mistakes the EU heads have been doing with Greece further gave the idea that they were corrupt and not thinking of a better future for Europe but rather how to best further their own interests. I know that these problems are serious, I know that there should be better reform in the EU. But those are growi pains when attempting to join togther a group of nations that had historically wanted to burn the other to the ground. Trying to throw the baby with the bath water is insane without at least seeing how much good the EU did for everyone involved.

    Half the population in the UK had decided to not listen to that. And sadly, it was mostly the half that will suffer the most once we are out of the EU. Already we begin to hear of jobs being frozen, of investors withdrawing, of factories that had Europe as the major buyer closing down. And where did the people who convinced half of the population to vote for this? Boris went into hiding immediately, for days and weeks, coming out finally to say he wanted nothi to do with it. Gove acted like the snake he is, slithering about and disappearing from sight. And Cameron is now humming to himself, glad that he doesn't have to deal with this mess.

    Farage and his group are the only ones who seem to be glad it worked out in their favour. They want more control, but they won't get it simply because reality can't bend to please them. A Norway style deal that they seem to be so fond of won't give what they were promising leave voters, it will be taking away everything they held dear.

    Norway laws ever since they joined the EEA have become 80% influenced if not just carbon copies of EU laws, so there goes the sovereignty. Freedom of movement and freedom of trade not only go hand in hand, but the UK had special exception to that already. Since that was voted out, that means immigration is going to be there, and not only that, be easier for the Poles that UKIP/BNB/B1 had been painting as villains to come over.

    In the end, it will turn out alright for the folks over at Westminster. It always does. Theresa May will get us out of this mess, worse for wear but still functional. Places like Cornwall and Wales will look terrible during this transitional period where they won't get the money they need to survive, but they will improve over decades to come. And up north, Scotland might as well be lost forever. You don't say Better Together to the scots last year and then turn around and scream Leave Us Alone to Europe the next.

    All in all, the EU will continue. The UK will be made an example of, because it is just in the best interest of the EU to do so, and I will be face palming for years to come every time I meet someone saying they regret voting to leave.
  2. Sheba
    2016-07-11 16:51
    Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
    Well, it came to be. Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister of the United ha Kingdom.

    I sort of seen it coming, since it was her and Johnson who had their designs on the job for decades now. I even recall way back when I was in high school and people were already talking like her being PM was just a shoe drop away. Guess the other shoe did drop and now I'm stuck in a V for Vendetta prequel I never wanted to be part of.

    I'll miss having human rights, that's for sure.
    Which one is actually worse for you guys? Leavers pushed the EU Fascist Superstate boogeyman that somehow will strip every countries of its sovereignity, and you could see it in some posters, I wont name, who posted fringe opinion videos and links that more or less pushed that view. Something that I have found very irritating, having grown with the idea that the primary idea of EU is to promote peace through trade of goods and services, and people, myself. So, what's your view as a Brit?

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