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Conversation Between Cyz and Patchy
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  1. Cyz
    2012-02-12 01:31
    Thanks! More birthdays to come right?
  2. Patchy
    2012-02-11 21:53

    Happy b-day cyz-sama!...
  3. Cyz
    2011-12-24 13:52
    Yes! Merry Christmas to you as well!!!
  4. Patchy
    2011-12-24 04:38
    Happy holidays cyz-sama, wishing you for more ecchi to come next year ^^
  5. Patchy
    2011-11-13 22:51
    Sorry if I haven't finished the last sig yet you requested.... *horo* but will still try do it just in case I regain some time later
  6. Cyz
    2011-07-10 21:54
    Well, that's why I used a "secured" way no? Well, you've done it before so...good luck and best wishes
  7. Patchy
    2011-07-10 21:42
    Yup I have.... and lots of it ... XD

    Thanks for the wishes... and the request... ^^ it's dangerous again ... haha but I'll manged it... I hope.. ^^...
  8. Cyz
    2011-07-09 23:58
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun today
  9. Cyz
    2011-02-13 23:29
    Thanks and I did love your works so I can't helped to make requests every now and then. Oh and my apologies if my requests are giving you a hard time due to the nature of dangerous-ness of the contents
  10. Patchy
    2011-02-13 23:03
    Lol! >_<

    honestly your requests are the most dangerous >_<

    hmmm it's just that, just like having a gratitude for liking my works up till now..XD

    oh and sorry for not greeting you yesterday, just being online today... ^^...

    Belated Happy-birthday Cyz-sama

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