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Conversation Between Tempest35 and Enternal
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  1. Tempest35
    2015-03-29 15:08
    I could deal with it in I.R. when he was still a brat but now in Cavalier, he's a freakin' adult but he's still acting like a kid who's lost his first love because of a misunderstanding. I can't feel too sorry for Nex on matters concerning Serin, but everything else, he had Depore, who can read minds and intent, to help him rule. Just so happens that Depore is a yandere for Jae Hyuk... I kinda want to see just how much she changed from before because it looked as if she had become an emotionless drone of a Magic stone before Nocht got her and gave her human-like emotions. If there was a way to get rid of the 'yandere' part of her, she'd be perfect.

    I had pinned my last hope on Serin's imprisonment being a ruse for him to keep her out of the way until it was safe for her again but no, he's keeping her there because he thinks she betrayed him (again). Honestly, how many times did he jump to conclusions in I.R. and that came to bite him in his undead ass in just that story? And he repeated the same thing again and again... he hasn't learned a thing about trust. The woman was a living stand-in for a magic stone for 3 years AND had blood siphoned off periodically for you, even if you didn't realize it - what in the world did she do that was sooooo bad this time? I swear I'll flip a desk if it's just something like a shadow of Serin stabbed him in the back or something...
  2. Enternal
    2015-03-29 02:29
    Yeah Depore knows that very well how much Nex loves Serin yet her attempts at stopping it is a tad annoying at times. However I don't really hate her at all. The person that bothers me much more is Iffrita. Either way, I really hope what Serin's "betrayal" is revealed soon. They been making it a mystery for over 100 chapters. AND I just noticed up to chapter 117 is now released at the time of this writing wow.

    But very true. I would really love to see Serin's finally happy with a partner who actually learned to "treasure" and by that I mean respect her. That's one of the thing that was off putting even in Immortal Regis. He seems to like to choke her... He did that multiple times already. Seriously he never seems to do that to anyone except for Serin who in my opinion probably loves him the most of all the characters (with Depore second and Jae Hoon is sibling love). That's just sad.

    ... Just reading a bit of the chapters that came out. *facepalm* Nex...
  3. Tempest35
    2015-03-27 12:51
    Didn't think people were still following this - lol. Over the past few days, they've released Ch. 99 - 106 so I got a bit of reading any analyzing to do.

    But for Nex, you can see how he is by the way he still treats Serin. In this latest bunch of chapters, when one of her children is severely wounded and the mental trauma reaches out, Serin reacts enough that Nex feels it through the magic barrier he set up around her. And what does he do - he rushes off to see Serin, despite Depore right there, telling him not to go. She - of all people/beings - know that Nex can and never will kill Serin because he loves her too much.

    Standing back from it, it's a very abusive relationship they are in and despite Nex being a protagonist, I don't want to see Serin anywhere near him after this. He flies off in a butthurt rage too often and lashes out - who'd want to be near someone like that? Whatever that other girl coerced Serin to do must have been grand indeed. I hope Xix does kick his ass near the end of all of this.
  4. Enternal
    2015-03-27 11:21
    Hi! I just want to ask if you have any other sources to spoilers of the later chapters for Cavlier of the Abyss? Anyway, wow it's one of those series that frustrates you but you still reading it just to see how it ends. Obviously most of my frustrations is with Nex since he's so... idiotic at times and those times are always the critical ones.

    It's interesting how a lot of people say "poor Nex" and other things but as time goes by, it's pretty clear that he drove himself into that corner. He's hurt when people hurt those he cares about yet he's doing exactly that. He even made Nin, who was loyal to him turn against him simply because Nex just refuses to listen to ANYONE. Also even in the past, I rarely see people talk much about Serin (although that could also possibly means there's not really any hate for her either so it's a good thing) and more likely talk about how great Depore was. Depore was great but ever since her jealousy lead her to become just another "jealous wife" and how her awesome personality moments pretty much just disappeared, it's not the same anymore. Anyway, Serin is definitely a person who's born to take all the crap that the world has to offer. She loves fairy tales but ironically her life is not to be in one.

    I think he's redeemable because it's clear his heart is there the way he treats Miya, Serin (even if she "betrayed" him), and Depore. I just hope that he really turns back to the way he is once his brother is saved and all the misunderstandings comes to light.

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