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Conversation Between SonOfHeaven and bladeofdarkness
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  1. bladeofdarkness
    2010-04-27 03:48
    apparently sky came back as a new user, and they were banned for talking with her
  2. SonOfHeaven
    2010-04-26 23:38
    I see yvj and lolipopo are banned. I think people over-react in general. Don't see why people just agree to disagree and that's it. I know that's what I did to yourself regarding Suzaku and Kallen.

    I also don't like the labeling of all Kalulu's being aggressive. Its only like what 2-4 members. And its just for fun anyway. At this point I'm scared if I post my opinions on stuff with any hint of Kalulu, I'll be seen as aggressive.
  3. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-13 03:40
    it happens
    there should be a way when you "paste" the picture to make everything white transparent
  4. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 20:49
    I was able to get rid of the white background really well. Now I'll just have to get used to photoshop so I'll make my own background. One question when I saved the image as png the image by itself was saved. When I tried to save it as an jpg as an copy the white background came along with it. Is that normal?
  5. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 06:56
    Oh, that's right. I remember seeing that option in the menu.
  6. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-12 06:51
    i use photoshop, save it as a jpg file
    and set the quality to maximum just to keep it from being dropped in quality
    or i just save it as a PNG file
    what size do you need it ?
  7. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 06:43
    I was wondering how do the keep the quality of the picture since I'll have to minimize it for the signature since its pretty big?
  8. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-12 06:21
    hope it helps
  9. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 06:21
    Yeah, that one looks better. Should be easier to get rid of the white in the background.
  10. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-12 06:06
    the picture is of very poor quality
    wouldnt you prefer to use this one ?

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