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Conversation Between vandakiara and Misa-misa
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  1. Misa-misa
    2011-03-23 19:10


    yea but even with more sleep its no use since i sometimes am nodding of in class....but yea ill

    be sure to ask you for some help when i need it
  2. vandakiara
    2011-03-22 05:18
    :s good luck

    if you need to talk about anything just say so ;3

    although, being used to having a billion essays to do, I think what you could use is more rest than talk but still... if there's anything I can help you with, just say so :3
  3. Misa-misa
    2011-03-17 21:29
    yea it has been so long since we last talked

    Im doing fine :3, a little stressed out with projects and things at school though

    But im hanging on tight to not give up so easily
  4. vandakiara
    2011-03-12 04:54
    hey ;D it's been so long

    I'm doing great - well, a little busier than usual due to college but other than that...

    how about you? :3
  5. Misa-misa
    2011-03-08 22:12
    hey! how r u?
  6. Misa-misa
    2008-11-20 13:31
    right now talking to you, reading online, and listening to music.
  7. vandakiara
    2008-11-20 13:28
    right now just talking to you and a friend while listening to music *and waiting for the chihiro fansub on ef xD*

    how about you?
  8. Misa-misa
    2008-11-20 13:25
    so what are u doing?
  9. vandakiara
    2008-11-20 13:23
    thanks g2 check that then
  10. Misa-misa
    2008-11-20 13:18
    not sure who she is but i have pictures of her. I think she is one of the characters from Angel/Dust Neo?

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