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Conversation Between Yami Sonozaki and Ryuugu-chan
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  1. Ryuugu-chan
    2009-08-12 14:09
    Umineko is cute,I like it. Not as much as Higurashi,but I like it.

    Sorry,I can't recall where the full version is,I know it's somewhere on this forum. Why don't you try looking through the Higurashi movie section?
    ..Is Mion holding a marker,I never noticed that..
  2. Yami Sonozaki
    2009-08-12 13:58
    Yami Sonozaki
    Do you by any chance have a bigger size of that pic?
    Keichii holding a lollipop and with that hilarious look on his face is just priceless.
    Also Mion is damn hawt in that pic >.<.

    Btw, what do you think of Umineko until now? Compared to Higurashi :P
  3. Ryuugu-chan
    2009-08-09 17:35
    Yes. Yes he is.
    The lollipop of awesomeness.
  4. Yami Sonozaki
    2009-08-07 13:09
    Yami Sonozaki
    Is Keichii holding a lolipop in ur signature pic? @_@

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