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Conversation Between monir and Arabesque
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  1. Arabesque
    2018-12-13 12:45
    Thank you

  2. monir
    2018-12-13 02:07
    Happy Birthday!
  3. Arabesque
    2013-06-04 16:43
    You have no idea.

    I look forward to the sort of coffee flavour the coming weeks will produce
  4. monir
    2013-05-30 22:14
    haha... that show is a trip!
  5. Arabesque
    2013-05-30 10:27
    Just so you know, I still feel pretty ashamed about this.

    It was on the week on that a dude's girlfriend died, and here I am making a post about him potentially dying (along with the rest of his classmates and friends).

    I hope you're happy.

  6. monir
    2013-05-28 02:36
    Perfect content in an opening post for a Death Flag thread.
  7. monir
    2012-03-31 23:57
    haha! Sarcasm is becoming a lot art where internet is concerned. I hope you weren't mistaken as royalties since you were the only had an umbrella up in a rare sunny day.

    As far as who is the studio is going to be, who else but KyoAni will concoct such infuriating marketing gimmick to drive up speculation. I'm just glad nobody threw Makoto Shinkai in there.
  8. Arabesque
    2012-03-31 12:23
    Originally Posted by monir View Post
    I wonder if Arbesque is still alive for uttering such blasphemy.
    To satisfy your curiosity, I am in fact very much alive and well I managed to survive the attempts on painting me red with rotten tomato for two days straight by carrying an umbrella with me, which was regrettable since our often awful British weather had been lovely and sunny these last few weeks, and I honestly wanted to enjoy our ever elusive sun without having to worry about being smacked with a flying fruit.

    In any case, I really need to use more similies from now on when posting in a semi sarcastic style, since the point of my post was that the speculation about the studio's had been going on baseless grounds and that people were more or less picking a name and dropping it in the hat to the point where it's very likely that someone had gotten it right in the thread since they just listed the names of the majority of Japanese animation studio's.

    I mean really, why would Shaft ever consider the job of animating LB when they could be doing something more unique or interesting. LB falls so far below Shaft/Shinbou's nonexistent artistic standard that it's laughable to even bring it up as an option, which was my point!

    Really ...

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