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Conversation Between youngde and kir44n
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  1. kir44n
    2008-10-13 15:35
    Srsly? Ah, I kid. I follow what you're saying. I actually gave the same advice to morbos or someoone else about a day ago is the sad thing -_-. I think what prompts me to post is when someone posts a wall-of-text, then 3 or 4 other shirley fans back it up with "O yes! total truth lolz" . I mean, we finally got a degree of peace between Kalulu & Cluclu, and suddenly ShirlyCluclu raises from the dead to assail constantly -_-
  2. youngde
    2008-10-13 14:10
    kir44n, seriously, just stop posting. At any rate, there is only 2 of them that refuse to let this die. If you stop posting, sooner or later they'll just move on. They just keep repeating the same things over and over again, as if that some how makes their posts more convincing. The general consensus is that the ending is ambiguous, and people can take what they want from it, so if they want to take away that Shirley was the only relavent inspiration for Lelouch, that is their right to do so.

    I've given up on typing the same thing over and over and pointing out the many contributions that Kallen and C.C. made towards shaping Lelouch into the form who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends (the conclusion he came to while speaking to Kallen, then Shirley/Rival/Milly and then remembering Suzaku and Nunally) and for the world's future (a conclusion he came to thinking of Nunnally's smile and then the many people striving towards the future). People see what they want to see. I'm no different, but at least I try not to put my own biases out on paper and say it's what the writer intended. I've resolved not to post on the matter any more, and I intend to stick with it.
  3. youngde
    2008-10-13 11:01
    I don't know where they came up w/ the theme that Shirley is the future, Kallen is the present and C.C. is the past. C.C. I can at least see, until episode 15. But Kallen is the present? Just as Lelouch fights for his mother in the past and for his sister in the future, Kallen fights for her brother in the past and for her mother in the future. And Shirley being the future? I don't even know where that came from...Shirley strove for the future no more and no less than any of the other people that showed up in Lelouch's little montage while he was lecturing Schneizel about the future.

    At any rate, even if all that were true, clearly by the end Kallen is striving towards the future w/ her memory of Lelouch and C.C. no longer views her immortality (if she still has it) as a curse, so both could be w/ Lelouch, if these ShirLuLu fans really want to stick to their guns, so the whole point is essentially moot anyway.

    I don't know, it's bad enough when some people can't stand to lose, but it's even worse when some people HAVE to win.
  4. kir44n
    2008-10-13 10:48
    I have no clue why all these Shirly fans suddenly believe they have in absolute terms, won. I just don't get it.
  5. youngde
    2008-10-12 19:54
    I've had him on my ignore list since yesterday. If people would stop quoting him, I wouldn't even know what he's saying anymore.
  6. kir44n
    2008-10-12 19:51
    The man is insane. He somehow thinks I'm supporting him, and I'm not a Kalulu fan O_o . I'm not sure if he really reads everything that is posted -_-
  7. kir44n
    2008-10-04 22:38
    kir44n is the old l337-speak name I've used for myself on the interwebs for close to a decade XD. Basically its Kiraan, phonetically being either kir-on, kir-ran, I'm not picky myself XD

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